July 1, 2018

Sabres at Dawn Results and Coverage

The Soul Wars have ignited! The second edition of Age of Sigmar launched yesterday and we wanted to get things going as soon as possible with a release weekend's three-rounder event. The name of the game was more of a casual learning session than a competition and the generals got to test the new, exciting scenarios for the first time. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and the fresh edition received a nice welcome. See you all in Ropecon's AOS event!

First Round Pairings and Results
20 Jari Rusomaa vs Jaska Kauppila 0
0 Lasse Kuikka vs Kalle Marjola 20
20 Jaakko Siitonen vs Darryn Lee 0
15 Anton Patrikainen vs Karri Kauppila 5
20 Eetu Torikka vs Pontus Andersson 0

Second Round Pairings and Results
0 Eetu Torikka vs Kalle Marjola 20
20 Jaska Kauppila vs Darryn Lee 0
20 Anton Patrikainen vs Lasse Kuikka 0
20 Karri Kauppila vs Pontus Andersson 0
0 Jaakko Siitonen vs Jari Rusomaa 20

Third Round Pairings and Results
20 Jari Rusomaa vs Kalle Marjola 0
0 Karri Kauppila vs Eetu Torikka 20
0 Jaska Kauppila vs Anton Patrikainen 20
20 Pontus Andersson vs Darryn Lee 0
0 Lasse Kuikka vs Jaakko Siitonen 20

First Standings
1. Jari Rusomaa, Ironjawz 63
2. Anton Patrikainen, Nurgle Chaos 59
3. Jaakko Siitonen, Slaaneshi Chaos 45
4. Eetu Torikka, Stormcast Eternals 41
5. Kalle Marjola, Grand Host of Nagash 40
6. Karri Kauppila, Kharadron Overlords 29
7. Jaska Kauppila, Nurgle Chaos 24
8. Pontus Andersson, Sylvaneth 23
9. Lasse Kuikka, Tomb Kings 2
10. Darryn Lee, Kharadron Overlords 0

The Best Army: Jamopower, Slaanesh Warband

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