May 12, 2022

Initiate Friendly Fire

It's been a while, but we're finally getting the tournament groove ignited. It will take some time for us to refurbish our terrain supply and get the hang of the current event climate, but rest assured that plans are in motion for more thrilling War Head wargaming tournaments! 

We're kicking things off in small scale with a Horus Heresy gaming day on 14th of May, catered for four two-player teams in an ultra-casual environment. It's the perfect occasion to say goodbye to the current rules edition and do battle in an inspiring setting and in good company. We're very excited about the events returning and have assembled the first completely new terrain set for the day! Stay tuned for traditional Combat Camera picture coverage.

+++ 30K Friendly Fire: Army List Compilation +++

+++ 30K Friendly Fire: Facebook Picture Gallery +++

April 19, 2022

Unearth the Betrayal

It was once again our collective hobby inspiration that sparked the idea for our latest gaming day - Ollie had created the insane Night Lords Apothecary some time ago and we knew the model deserved a proper story arch. Unfortunately the Chief Medicae Consul is quite a rare unit choice and Ollie's scratchbuild is a bit too epic to be run as a regular Apothecary - sadly he hadn't seen any gameplay. Therefore we wrote him a secret narrative of his own, incorporating the villain into Thracian Insurgency as a non-player character.

Since the early days of our gaming table build we'd been toying with the idea of creating some underground features for the terrain. These ambitions were boosted as the final construction took shape and we decided to use Ikea Kallax grid shelves as the legs for the table. These have been holding some of our studio armies and literature, but the shelves would also be perfect for some terrain integration - this way the underground terrain pieces would actually be stored underneath the streets and could be used in gameplay as a separate, modular scenery setup.

Our idea was to write a classic "mad scientist" story for the Night Lords Chief Medicae (now called Dr. Norman Bramm) and have this renegade character lead a clandestine operation from his makeshift underground laboratory. His hideous creations (inspired by both Horus Heresy Raven Guard tragedies as well as Fabius Bile's Enhanced Warriors project) would be too imposing for the Loyalist alliance to ignore and this would result in a subterranean manhunt. At first we discussed with Scott that it would be cool to build a simple dungeon corridor to surprise the other players with, but as per usual, we couldn't stop there...

Check out the entire subterranean terrain build and story arch via War Head Instagram or Facebook Gallery below!

March 15, 2022

Night Fright - 30K Training Sessions

In the last few months we've had a few brilliant training games for Ollie's Night Lords - the Traitor performances in our campaign demanded some practice in the finer nuances of the Horus Heresy... Kidding aside, our games are not competitive in nature at all, and the gaming sprees in good company are most about enjoying the visual and narrative sides of the hobby. There's something special about this rules edition that I think will stay with us forever - it's the classic that we've grown up with and have the fondest memories of. Awesome battles like this always leave us inspired to paint more figs and to plan new gaming occasions in good company.

That being said, the games are often much more vivid and enjoyable when a player has got the hang of their army and knows how to use the troops in a tactical and efficient manner. This is not dependant on the final results really, just the feeling of playing the game and expressing oneself as the general of a personal collection. Therefore we've taken pleasure in arranging a couple of "training sessions" to test out new unit types, deployment ideas and combat tactics. I think me and Ollie both have got a lot of new ideas (and reinforced some of the old ones) on how to play our armies and learnt what we can expect from some of the more specialized units. The Night Raptors are a great example of a squad that lives and dies depending on how it's maneuvered, starting right from the deployment. Lots of little things with great impact one can do with model placement and movement. Taking these lessons with us I think we'll do well as our Thracian Insurgency campaign story progresses!

I've been so happy with our 1000 point campaign games and how well the Horus Heresy system has worked for us even with smaller armies. The custom scenarios combining Age of Darkness missions, Maelstrom of War card objectives and vanilla Eternal War scenarios have been very entertaining. We've only required a single Troops choice and this has given just enough room for balanced list building - 1000 points accommodates a nice combination of infantry, elites, characters and war machines. No space for much unit duplication either!

Follow our Horus Heresy campaign progress on War Head Instagram!

February 23, 2022

Chronicles of Thracia Rex

Starting to get hyped for our next Horus Heresy campaign day, the third episode in the Thracian Insurgency! A month from now we'll witness some fresh troops march in to experience completely new narrative in the feudal world of Thracia Rex!

In our previous story-driven scenarios we've left several plot devices open and provided many clues to the future events - it's soon time to start tying the strings together. All-out war seems inevitable and the campaign experience points the players have accumulated will be put to the test...

To recap the story so far we'll be posting "Chronicles of Thracia Rex" updates on Instagram and Facebook as we head towards the next campaign adventures in March. Check out what has happened on the feudal world so far!

February 19, 2022

Maru Skara

We only recently realized we haven't properly photographed Noa's original "Praetor's Orders" Emperor's Children army, which was made for Helsinki's Armies on Parade competition a few years ago. The initial Third Legion ensemble has since grown in size with additional units, heroes and most notably war machines having joined the original display based force. Taking advantage of some of the new lighting features in our studio we arranged a quick shoot to right the wrong and immortalized the collection for War Head archives. For the (false) Emperor!

Emperor's Children - Pride of the Legion Facebook Gallery

February 14, 2022

Scale and color!

Highlighting a few new additions to our store selections! Meanwhile our personal hobby endeavours are documented in detail at War Head Instagram, where new evidence from the Thracian Insurgency Horus Heresy campaign games is about to surface... Epic events in the horizon!

Harrastusvuosi käynnistyi myymälässämme värikkäissä merkeissä, kun kauan toivotut Scale75 Scalecolor -sävyt liittyivät valikoimaamme koko maalisarjan voimin! Riittoisat ja erityisen mattapintaiset miniatyyrimaalit ovat olleet meiltä saatavilla jo pidempään temaattisina maalisetteinä, mutta nyt sävyjä on mahdollista hankkia myös yksittäisinä 17:n millilitran purkkeina. Erityismaininnat kuuluvat ilman muuta Scale75:n huippupeittäville Metal and Alchemy -metallihilemaaleille sekä pimeässä ja UV-valossa hohtaville Fluor FX -väreille, joilla saa loihdittua tehokkaita neon-efektejä projektiin kuin projektiin!

Scale75 Scalecolor -maalipurkit ja maalisetit

Myös tarunhohtoisia Kimera Kolors -maaleja jakeleva Pegaso Models on saanut koneistostaan ulos uuden tuotantoerän perusmaalisettejä sekä ensimmäistä Pure Pigments Expansion -tuotepakkausta, joka tuo murrettuja sävyjä osaksi tuttua Kimera Kolors -väripalettia. Erityisen hyvin maalisävyjen sekoittamiseen sopivia, puhtaista pigmenteistä koostuvia maaleja voi käyttää itsenäisenä lisänä figumaalaajan työkalupakkiin, tai yhdistää Kimera Kolors -perusvärisettiin sävyvalikoimaa täydentämään. Odotamme kuormaa saapuvaksi ennen helmikuun loppua ja suosittelemme ennakkotilausta - koko erä saattaakin myydä loppuun ennen kuin ehdit sanoa "Copper Phthalocyanine"!

Kimera Kolors -maalipurkit, Signature Setit ja Pure Pigments -maalisetit

Figupelirintamalla on päästy intoilemaan uudistuvista armeijakirjoista ja taistelubokseista, joista viimeisimmät Age of Sigmar: Fury of the Deep ja Warhammer 40,000: Eldritch Omens sisältävät tehokkaat lähtökohdat muun muassa merenalaisen Idoneth Deepkin -kansan sekä pian päivittyvien Craftworld Aeldarien vahvistamiseen. Kevätlomat ovat mitä otollisinta maalausaikaa, joten tässä on hyvä mahdollisuus laittaa laatikko puoliksi kaverin kanssa ja saada pari uutta projektia vireille! Unohtaa ei kannata myöskään suosittuja ryhmätasolla pelattavia "skirmish"-pelejä, joiden seikkailut saa käyntiin esimerkiksi Necromundan Hive War -kahakalla tai Warcryn näyttävällä Red Harvest -aloitussetillä.

Mikäli veri vetäisi figutaistelukentille, mutta maalausaikaa ei vain tunnu riittävän, kannattaa muistaa mahdollisuus maalauttaa miniatyyrijoukot sotakuntoon! War Head tarjoaa maalauspalvelua miniatyyreille yksittäisistä sankareista armeijalaajuisiin kokonaisuuksiin, maastonkappaleita unohtamatta. Kevään maalauskalenterissa on vielä hyvin tilaa, joten ota sähköpostiyhteys osoitteeseen! Lisätietoja ja työnäytteitä löydät täältä.

Lopuksi vielä kauden oheistuotetärppi - AMMO:n elektroninen Paint Shaker! Pidennä maalivalikoimasi käyttöikää, ehkäise kynäruiskun tukkeutumista ja sekoita uudet värisävyt huipputehokkaasti! Tuote sopii kaikille maalipurkkimalleille ja sitä voi käyttää niin verkkovirralla kuin paristoillakin.

Näillä eväillä tuleviin maalaus- ja pelisessioihin!