November 6, 2023

Quest for the Man-Meat Pie

Watch out for the Skeletons!
The Great Pumpking, the acting mayor of the cursed city of Saint Thracius, has had his favourite recipe of Man-Meat Pie stolen. The spy witnesses on the streets report the treasure has been taken outside the city walls and into the darkness of the surrounding forests. These primeval wilds are a home for many strange folk and wicked creatures of the night - who might be behind the vulgar crime? 

For this year's Halloween scenario three brave warbands of able adventurers strided into the woods but not before searching for useful artifacts in the cursed city itself - it wouldn't be an All Hallows' Eve in the Mortal Realms without the classic board game adventure! After the skirmish on the streets dodging Guard Skeletons and answering riddles asked by the Prison Sphinx, all parties recovered some artifacts and ventured to the woods. They were in for a giant surprise...

Providing modelling inspiration and eye candy to all participants has been in the limelight of our social hobby gatherings for years - this time we asked players to prepare a band of fantasy adventurers (a leader, two troopers and a rookie) with some kind of a light source to take on the Halloween quest. It was cool to see the players paint up some classics and come up with brilliant lore for their teams - each one was a distinctively personal team of fighters fitting to the spooky scene. More on the miniatures and the adventure later!