December 4, 2022

40K Friendly Fire!

Some first class 40K to get you right into the festive spirit! We're warming our event engines and arranging a light-hearted hobby occasion to test the brand-new terrain sets and our casual gaming day concept. The event consists of two 40K Tempest of War gaming rounds that are accompanied by a compact painting technique demonstration. No competitive aspirations, just cozy dice rolling and friendly banter. Limited seats, get in touch!

+ War Head Friendly Fire: 40K Tempest of War Event +

+ Event Army List Compilation +

Touko Kästämä
Imperial Guard

Regimental Doctrines: Industrial Efficiency, Elite Sharpshooters

Starting CP:  6-2=4

Total army points: 1500


HQ: Platoon Command Squad (75) - bolt pistol (0), 3x chainsword (0), regimental standard (0), master vox (0), mortar (0), WARLORD: Superior Tactical Training (Mechanised), Relic: Tactical Auto-Reliquary of Tyberius [4PL, 75pts]

HQ: Tank Commander (160) - battle cannon (0), lascannon (5), 2x heavy bolter (10), Relic -1CP: Gatekeeper, Trait -1CP: Master Tactician  [10PL, 175pts]

NoSlot: Commissar (40) - bolt pistol (0) [3PL, 40pts]

TR: Infantry Squad (65) - lascannon (0), plasma gun (0), vox caster (0) [3PL, 65pts]

TR: Infantry Squad (65) - lascannon (0), plasma gun (0), vox caster (0) [3PL, 65pts]

TR: Infantry Squad (65) - lascannon (0), plasma gun (0), vox caster (0) [3PL, 65pts]

TR: Infantry Squad (65) - mortar (0), grenade launcher (0), vox caster (0) [3PL, 65pts]

EL: 4 Bullgryns (120) - 4x slabshield (0), 4x bullgryn maul (20) [10PL, 140pts]

EL: 5 Tempestus Scions [5PL, 55pts]

FA: Hellhound [6PL, 110pts]

FA: 5 Attilan Rough Riders (100) - power sabre (0) [5PL, 100pts]

FA: Scout Sentinel (40) - sentinel chainsaw (5) [3PL, 45pts]

HS: Leman Russ Battle Tank (150) - vanquisher cannon (0), lascannon (5), 2x heavy bolter (10) [9PL, 165pts]

HS: Manticore [7PL, 140pts]

HS: Hydra [6PL, 110pts]

DT: Chimera (85) - 2x heavy flamer (0) [5PL, 85pts]

Henri Niemi
White Scars

White Scars, Stormwrath Brotherhood goes friendly fire

Battalion detachment

HQ: Librarian in Phobos armor: Warlord: Lord of Deceit, Chief Librarian, Relic of the chapter: The armor indomitus, Psychic powers: Ride the winds, Storm-wreathed, Spirits of Chogoris  [125]

HQ: Lieutenant in Reiver Armour: Hero of The chapter: Fear made manifest, Relic: Headtakers trophies [75]

TROOP: Incursor Squad: Haywire mine [115]

TROOP: Incursor Squad [105]

TROOP: Infiltrator Squad: Infiltrator comms array [125]

ELITE: Invictor Tactical Warsuit: Twin ironhail autocannon [160]

ELITE: Invictor Tactical Warsuit: Twin ironhail autocannon [160]

ELITE: Reiver Squad: 10x reiver, combat knife, Reiver grav-chute [190]

ELITE: Reiver Squad: 8x bolt carbine, combat knife kersantilla [144]

FAST ATTACK: Storm Speeder Thunderstrike [150]

HEAVY SUPPORT: Eliminator Squad: Bolt sniper rifle x3 [75]

HEAVY SUPPORT: Eliminator Squad: Bolt sniper rifle x3 [75]

Command points: 4
Points: 1499

Willy Lindberg
Dark Angels

HQ1: Azrael, Warlord, Warlord trait: brilliant strategist 160

HQ2: Primaris techmarine, Relic: the armour indomitus 80

ELITE1: Bladeguard veterans, 4 veterans, Neo-volkite pistol 145

ELITE2: Redemptor dreadnought, Macro-plasma incinerator, Onslaught Gatling cannon,2x storm bolters, Icarus rocket pod 195

TROOP1: Assault intercessor squad, Power sword 100

TROOP2: Infiltrator squad 120

TROOP3: Heavy intercessor squad, Executor bolt rifles, Executor heavy bolter 150

FA1: Storm speeder hammerstrike 145

HS1: Gladiator valiant, Icarus rocket pod 205

HS2: Eliminator squad 3 bolt sniper rifles 75

Dedicated transports

Impulsor, 2x storm bolters, Ironhail heavy stubber, Ironhail skytalon array125

Matti Niemelä
Szarekhan Necrons

HQ1: Skorpekh Lord (130), Warlord (Enduring Will), Relic (Veil of Darkness) [130]

HQ2: Chronomancer (75), Entropic Lance (10) [85]

TROOP1: 10x Immortals, Gauss Blaster [160]

TROOP2: 10x Immortals, Gauss Blaster [160]

TROOP2: 10x Necron Warriors, Gauss Reaper [130]

ELITE1: Canoptek Reanimator [80]

ELITE2: Hexmark Destroyer [65]

ELITE3: 5x Deathmarks [75]

ELITE4: 5x Deathmarks [75]

ELITE5: 6x Skorpekh Destroyers (2x Reap-blade, 4x Thresher) [180]

FAST1: 5x Canoptek Scarab Swarms [75]

FAST2: 5x Canoptek Scarab Swarms [75]

FAST3: 3x Canoptek Wraiths [105]

HEAVY1: Lohkust Heavy Destroyer, Gauss Destructor [50]

HEAVY2: Lohkust Heavy Destroyer, Gauss Destructor [50]

Juho Anturaniemi
Black Legion

<BLACK LEGION> Patrol Detachment (0 CP)


Chaos Lord (90): Warlord, Traits: 3. Hatred Incarnate, 4. Soul-eater, Bolt pistol, Lord of the Ezakarion (-1CP), Mark of Slaanesh (15), Thunder hammer:  Wrath of the Abyss [=125]

Master of Possession (105): Trait: 5. Trusted War-leader, Aspiring Lord (-1 CP), Chaos Undivided, Gifts of Chaos (-1 CP),  Relic: Liber Hereticus. Powers: Pact of Flesh, Warp Marked [=120]


9x Legionaries (162), Aspiring champion (18): power fist (10), 9x bolt pistols, heavy chainaxe (10), Chaos icon (5), Mark of Khorne (15), 8x Astartes chainswords (0) [=220]

8x Legionaries (144), Aspiring champion (18): power fist (10), 7x boltguns, Balefire Tome (10), Power: Prescience, Reaper chaincannon, Chaos Icon (5), Mark of Tzeentch (15) [=227]

9x Traitor Guardsmen (54), Traitor sergeant (6): chainsword (0), laspistol (0), 6x lasguns, meltagun (0), plasma gun (0), sniper rifle (0) [=60]


4x Chaos Terminators (132), Terminator Champion (33): Reaper autocannon (5), combi-plasma, 2x power fist (10), Mark of Slaanesh (15) [=200]

5x Possessed (140),  Possessed Champion (28): 6x Hideous mutations [=168]


Dreadclaw Drop Pod (115): Bladed struts (0) [=115]


Chaos Land Raider (265), twin-heavy bolter (0), 2x twin soulshatter lascannons (0) [=265]

Totals: 1485 pts, 85PL, 3/6 CP

Jussi Lindeberg

Mad Max Orks 1500 point Incursion army.

Outrider Detachment:

Klan Kultur: Evil Sunz


Defkilla Wartrike 120

 - Warlord Trait: Junkboss, Relic: Da Redder Paint

Warboss w. Big Shoppa, Kustom Shoota, Attack Squig 95


19 Boyz w. Big Choppa, Big Shoota 181

10 Boyz w. Big Choppa. Big Shoota, Trukk Boys 100

10 Gretchins 50


Boomdakka Snazzwagon w. Souped-up Speshul 100

Shokkjump Dragsta w. Gyroscopic Whirligig 95

4x Deffkopta w. Big Bombs 220

6x Warbikers w. Big Choppa 155

Heavy Support:

Battle Wagon w. Ard Case, 4x Big Shoota, Fortress on wheels 175


Dakkajet w. +2 Supa-Shootas, More Dakka 135


Trukk 70

Total: 1496 points.

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