April 14, 2024

Echoes of Thracia, Act IV Visual Coverage

As the mighty relics recovered from the Thracian system have seen battle, their essence and abilities have grown ever stronger. During the ongoing conflict the artifacts have also changed hands between warlords as tokens of gratitude, aid deliveries or battlefield loot, and their gifts have been enjoyed by many.

Although some Legion Esoterists have delved deep into investigations regarding the history of Thracia Rex and the ancient relics recovered from its surface, their findings have been made too late. Raw powers of the Immaterium pulsate deceivingly within the artifacts, affecting the mind and very soul of the warriors in their vicinity. Ultimately this has led to some new splinter detachments of former Loyalists joining the Warmaster’s cause.

The near space of Thracia Rex’s Crown World has now been invaded, and Loyalist and Traitor fleets battle for control of the stratosphere. The awaited planetfall is only a matter of days and the desired bridgehead positions are already being drawn by the Legion specialists.

With the campaign entering its closing stages, trust is at its most fragile state…

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March 25, 2024

Cooper and the Gang

These Malifaux miniatures from the Lord Cooper Core Box were painted for a customer who'd also ordered a wild T-Rex 3D print to go with the gang! After some light conversion work and assembly effort we had a characterful crew to brush an earthy colour scheme on - the main inspiration was our Halloween Giants and their muted, medieval palette. The dinosaur had a lengthy tongue added to depict its in-game flail attacks - we used a 40K Tyranid tail shaped and bent into appropriate shape to achieve the effect. The basing follows the principle of a traditional forest floor with slightly mossy boulders.

March 18, 2024

Dwell in Darkness

These Blackstone Fortress Villains from the base set, Dreaded Ambull and Traitor Command expansions were painted for our customers existing collection, and matched to the overall vibe and basing style of the previously painted heroes. The palette here is a rather straightforward Chaos Renegade scheme with feral and militaristic details and warm color tones. These were then complemented with the cold hues in some of the creatures as well as the basing features.

The fearsome Ambull and vigilant Spindle Drones.

Arco-Flagellants and Rogue Psykers.

Armed Renegade Rabble with a Traitor Commissar.

And finally some imposing Heretic Astartes!

February 21, 2024

Cold North Open

Our friends from Cold Tones Society are back at the helm for Ropecon 2024 minipainting program and they have re-developed its traditional miniature painting contest - welcome to the Cold North Open! With an entirely new format and a number of categories to choose from, we expect a wicked show of miniature art after last year's magnificent example. We've got some entries in the works already - looking forward to the great community gathering in July!