May 28, 2023

Echoes of Thracia, Act II Results and Coverage

Event commencing on Sunday 4th of June. Stay tuned for pictures and results coverage!

First Round Pairings and Results
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Second Round Pairings and Results
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Third Round Pairings and Results
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Final Standings
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May 22, 2023

The Lead Ogre

The third commission batch in a grand Death Korps of Krieg collection we've been assembling and painting included some Imperial Navy assets and was spearheaded by the famous lead-spitting Super Heavy tank! The Forge World units in particular made the project a joy to tackle. The paint scheme followed the example of the previous installments we've produced over the last year and is a rather traditional Imperial Guard / Krieg trencher palette. 

The camouflage patterns and metallic details form the body of the vehicles, but for me it's always the weathering that brings these things to life. This time we also added some white detailing in cannon barrels, hatches and decals for added contrast. We also hid a few freehanded nicknames or callsigns on the vehicles for our customer to spot later, characterful details like this often make gaming with the pieces a bit more memorable as well. Onwards to new quests!

May 21, 2023

Caliban Steel

Our commission painting workshop has been running at full steam lately - one of the recent projects was a thematic Horus Heresy Dark Angels detachment intended to be used as allies for a 30K Militia force! Interpreting a historical First Legion theme with all of the knightly details was fun and the compact contingent included both infantry and war machines for some variety. The project included both the prepwork and assembly as well as painting and basing to complete a force of Forge World goodies.

The Horus Heresy has been in the back of our minds a lot lately, as we're preparing for both our Civil War event as well as the next Echoes of Thracia campaign episode on the 4th of June. Looking forward to seeing you around the battlefields!

May 13, 2023

40K Oaths of the Moment Results and Coverage

Back at it again! The battlefields were assembled for some fierce 40K warfare today after the long hiatus, as we hosted a casual three-round event for eight valiant combatants. It was our first tournament for the ninth edition after the pandemic break and the reassembly of our terrain reserve and it was sweet to meet the players again after a long while. WTC Team Member Aleksi Lehtiö was kind enough to lend us a hand with the arrangements and was an invaluable consultant when it came to creating the modern tournament rules package. Cheers Aku!

First Round Pairings and Results
20 Riku Saressalo vs Henri Niemi 0
16 Aleksi Lehtiö vs Björn Söderström 4
6 Teemu Juselius-Rajamäki vs Tuomas Ivakko 14
7 Henri Komulainen vs Jussi Koskimäki 13

Second Round Pairings and Results
7 Aleksi Lehtiö vs Riku Saressalo 13
11 Tuomas Ivakko vs Jussi Koskimäki 9
20 Henri Komulainen vs Teemu Juselius-Rajamäki 0
1 Henri Niemi vs Björn Söderström 19

Third Round Pairings and Results
14 Riku Saressalo vs Tuomas Ivakko 6
16 Björn Söderström vs Henri Komulainen 4
12 Aleksi Lehtiö vs Jussi Koskimäki 8
17 Teemu Juselius-Rajamäki vs Henri Niemi 3

Final Standings with Hobby Score
1. Riku Saressalo, Drukhari 61
2. Aleksi Lehtiö, Genestealer Cults 46
3. Jussi Koskimäki, Adepta Sororitas 46
4. Björn Söderström, Iron Warriors 45
5. Tuomas Ivakko, World Eaters 40
6. Teemu Juselius-Rajamäki, Space Marines 40
7. Henri Komulainen, Blood Angels 36
8. Henri Niemi, Orks 18

Best Army Award: Jussi Koskimäki, The Funeral of Hearts