November 29, 2019

40K Song of Dice and Fire Results and Coverage

Entering the festive season with a casual Xmas 40K bash! This will be our last Warhammer 40,000 tournament for 2019 and we'd like to thank all of our hobbyists who have taken part in Fight Club activity and weekend events throughout the year. See you all in 2020!

First Round Pairings and Results
16 Niilo Kalakoski vs Teemu Juselius 4
10 Jussi Lindeberg vs Perttu Hiisivuori 10
20 Emppu Niemi vs Mika Hautamäki 0
4 Sampo Rosenberg vs Matti Niemelä 16
14 Timo Nevalainen vs Akseli Dekker 6
7 Tycho Elmgren vs Jere Kortemaa 13
18 Jouni Haavisto vs Juha Kortemaa 2
16 Jarkko Kortemaa vs Bo Lostedt 4
3 Jaakko Järvenkylä vs Lasse Kuikka 17
12 Joel Jänis vs Matti Alanen 8

Second Round Pairings and Results
0 Timo Nevalainen vs Jere Kortemaa 20
14 Tycho Elmgren vs Akseli Dekker 6
0 Perttu Hiisivuori vs Joel Jänis 20
20 Jaakko Järvenkylä vs Teemu Juselius 0
20 Mika Hautamäki vs Juha Kortemaa 0
10 Jouni Haavisto vs Emppu Niemi 10
17 Niilo Kalakoski vs Matti Niemelä 3
8 Sampo Rosenberg vs Bo Lostedt 12
17 Jarkko Kortemaa vs Lasse Kuikka 3
0 Jussi Lindeberg vs Matti Alanen 20

Third Round Pairings and Results
18 Jussi Lindeberg vs Juha Kortemaa 2
0 Timo Nevalainen vs Bo Lostedt 20
20 Jouni Haavisto vs Jaakko Järvenkylä 0
1 Jere Kortemaa vs Jarkko Kortemaa 19
18 Niilo Kalakoski vs Joel Jänis 2
17 Matti Niemelä vs Lasse Kuikka 3
20 Tycho Elmgren vs Mika Hautamäki 0
19 Perttu Hiisivuori vs Teemu Juselius 1
7 Emppu Niemi vs Matti Alanen 13
20 Sampo Rosenberg vs Akseli Dekker 0

Final Standings
1. Niilo Kalakoski, Imperial Fists 57
2. Jarkko Kortemaa, Ultramarines 56
3. Jouni Haavisto, Genestealer Cults 51
4. Tycho Elmgren, Tyranids 44
5. Matti Alanen, Chaos 43
6. Emppu Niemi, Genestealer Cults 41
7. Matti Niemelä, Astra Militarum 40
8. Jere Kortemaa, Dark Angels 39
9. Bo Lostedt, Salamanders 39
10. Joel Jänis, Custodes 36
11. Sampo Rosenberg, Ultramarines 35
12. Perttu Hiisivuori, Astra Militarum 34
13. Jussi Lindeberg, Craftworld Eldar 32
14. Jaakko Järvenkylä, Ultramarines 27
15. Lasse Kuikka, Craftworld Eldar 25
16. Mika Hautamäki, Aeldari 22
17. Timo Nevalainen, Necrons 17
18. Akseli Dekker, Ultramarines 15
19. Teemu Juselius, Ultramarines 9
20. Juha Kortemaa, Iron Warriors 7

Best Army Award: Perttu Hiisivuori, Imperial Guard
Coolest Army List: Jere Kortemaa, Dark Angels
Favourite Opponent: Tycho Elmgren, Tyranids

November 16, 2019

T9A Trail of Strife Results and Coverage

Fantasy Battles of the Ninth Age accompanied our Horus Heresy tournament as a cool little side event today!

First Round Pairings and Results
6 Vilhelm Metsalo vs Ossi Heinonen 14
11 Olli Kanninen vs Jesse Meuronen 9
0 Ville Oinio vs Olli Mikkanen 20
8 Juha Tuominen vs Antti Häkli 12

Second Round Pairings and Results
13 Olli Kanninen vs Antti Häkli 7
11 Olli Mikkanen vs Ossi Heinonen 9
10 Juha Tuominen vs Jesse Meuronen 10
20 Vilhelm Metsalo vs Olli Katila 0
13 Ville Oinio vs Mikael Siirtola 7

Third Round Pairings and Results
6 Ville Oinio vs Olli Katila 14
9 Olli Kanninen vs Ossi Heinonen 11
17 Antti Häkli vs Jesse Meuronen 3
20 Juha Tuominen vs Mikael Siirtola 0
19 Olli Mikkanen vs Vilhelm Metsalo 1

Final Standings with Hobby Score
1. Olli Mikkanen, Ogre Khans 54
2. Juha Tuominen, Higborn Elves 41
3. Olli Kanninen, Undying Dynasties 37
4. Antti Häkli, Daemon Legion 37
5. Ossi Heinonen, Ogre Khans 34
6. Vilhelm Metsalo, Warriors of the Dark 32
7. Jesse Meuronen, Saurian Ancients 25
8. Ville Oinio, Dwarven Holds 23
9. Olli Katila, Orcs & Goblins 15*
10. Mikael Siirtola, Kingdom of Equitaine 10*

* only played two battles

Best Army Award: Olli Mikkanen, Ogre Khans

November 15, 2019

30K Broken Empire Results and Coverage

To quench the thirst of our Horus Heresy troopers War Head Fight Club hosted a three-round winter campaign for Loyalist and Traitor sides. The event re-enacted a prolonged chapter of trench warfare, where legions had fought for months without resupplies or maintenance of arsenal. This hopeless scenario brought in an element of its own with some campaign special rules - the players could impose certain curses upon the opponent's army, depicting penalties such as running out of fuel and ammunition.

In the first round the weary troops were desperately hunting for food supplies dropped by slain Independent Characters. On the second round the forces sought shelter from forsaken Bastions in the no-man's-land, trying to form a base of operations for the final stages of the campaign. During the final round our players in worked in co-operation with their allies to establish a communications link to the orbiting reinforcements, attempting to call for help in the dire situation. The Traitors (driven to a corner) ultimately succeeded, ensuring that the civil war would continue to rage upon the blasted planet...

The event was once again lifted to a high standard by our players and their gentlemanly gaming conduct. As usual it was an occasion of spectacular armies and hobby effort displayed by all players, albeit it was Mika Ketola's superb Imperial Fists that were chosen as the Best Army. Congratulations!

Campaign Outcome:
Tactical Draw (Loyalist Advantage)

November 8, 2019

40K First Contact Results and Coverage

This coming Sunday we're once again hosting War Head's traditional "First Contact" tournament, aimed specifically for 40K beginners and generals just starting out their tournament career. The environment in all three predecessors has been very casual and inviting and they've forged us many new participants for both fluff events and competitive bouts. Many rookies are now preparing for their first tournament ever and we're ready to give them guidance and a great hobby experience during the weekend.

We'll be highlighting the event and the participating armies below! Wish everyone luck in their trial by fire! 

First Round Pairings and Results
14 Eetu Soukko vs Jorge Aguilera 6
5 Ville Mansikkaniemi vs Niilo Kalakoski 15
6 Bjorn Mikladal vs Max Paganus 14
5 Scott Mcgregor vs Darryn Lee 15
12 Joel Kinnunen vs Janne Lautala 8

Second Round Pairings and Results
11 Darryn Lee vs Niilo Kalakoski 9
12 Bjorn Mikladal vs Joel Kinnunen 8
7 Janne Lautala vs Jorge Aguilera 13
1 Eetu Soukko vs Max Paganus 19
7 Ville Mansikkaniemi vs Scott Mcgregor 13

Third Round Pairings and Results
2 Ville Mansikkaniemi vs Janne Lautala 18
7 Scott Mcgregor vs Eetu Soukko 13
20 Joel Kinnunen vs Niilo Kalakoski 0
2 Bjorn Mikladal vs Jorge Aguilera 18
7 Darryn Lee vs Max Paganus 13

Final Standings with Hobby Score
1. Max Paganus, Blood Ravens 59
2. Jorge Aguilera, Space Wolves 58
3. Joel Kinnunen, Craftworld Eldar 54
4. Darryn Lee, Orks 49
5. Scott Mcgregor, Blood Angels 47
6. Niilo Kalakoski, Inquisition 47
7. Janne Lautala, Orks 47
8. Eetu Soukko, Iron Warriors 40
9. Bjorn Mikladal, Blood Angels 33
10. Ville Mansikkaniemi, Imperium 29

Best Army: Scott Mcgregor, Wardens of Krodha
Coolest Army List: Niilo Kalakoski, Inquisition
Best Opponent: Darryn Lee, Blood Axes