April 29, 2024

Outcrop Errands

Amidst army painting and No Retreat event preparations we took a brief venture into the world of scenery building, producing a scratch-built terrain set for our customer's casual Age of Sigmar and WH40K gaming. The specs and recipes were clear after the customer specified they had liked one of our older terrain sets and we could base the style and colours on that established design. This way we got to get to work right away!

As usual the terrain needs were for chunky blocks of line of sight blocking terrain, but they were not intended for competitive play, so we had a lot of freedom with the size and shape of the individual pieces. The client already had forests as well as scatter terrain accessories in their collection, so we put all our efforts in rock formations and crags of varying sizes. The one exception was the ancient pillar formations that could offer a narrative centerpiece for the board and technically count as ruins.

The used materials here were Finnfoam insulation sheets, tile grout combined with water and PVA glue, orchid soil chunks, weathering powders, Green Stuff World XXL tufts, and Tree Bush Foliage blended into a "moss paste" with PVA and thinned down AK Interactive and Vallejo acrylics.

April 14, 2024

Echoes of Thracia, Act IV Visual Coverage

As the mighty relics recovered from the Thracian system have seen battle, their essence and abilities have grown ever stronger. During the ongoing conflict the artifacts have also changed hands between warlords as tokens of gratitude, aid deliveries or battlefield loot, and their gifts have been enjoyed by many.

Although some Legion Esoterists have delved deep into investigations regarding the history of Thracia Rex and the ancient relics recovered from its surface, their findings have been made too late. Raw powers of the Immaterium pulsate deceivingly within the artifacts, affecting the mind and very soul of the warriors in their vicinity. Ultimately this has led to some new splinter detachments of former Loyalists joining the Warmaster’s cause.

The near space of Thracia Rex’s Crown World has now been invaded, and Loyalist and Traitor fleets battle for control of the stratosphere. The awaited planetfall is only a matter of days and the desired bridgehead positions are already being drawn by the Legion specialists.

With the campaign entering its closing stages, trust is at its most fragile state…

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