January 29, 2023

No Retreat - Horus Heresy in Gibraltar

This time last week Teemu and Ollie were waging miniature war in Gibraltar, where the fabled No Retreat tournament by SN Battle Reports was held once again for Horus Heresy enthusiasts! Arranged on a luxury yacht hotel the event was nothing short of spectacular and was accompanied by other program such as sightseeing and tours to the historical military sites in Gibraltar. The most amazing part for us was seeing all the astonishing 30K armies, hand-picked from the international player applications by the SN team. 

Ultimately our World Eater detachment was able to represent the XII Legion and the Traitor Alliance with pride and also recorded a few trophies: The Best Army, a SN Award and two Highly Commended pins for squad and vehicle categories! What an honour in such an established company and with world-renowned judges - thanks for all the votes and feedback!

We'll be debriefing the crazy gaming experience with photos and text soon, but would now like to thank the brilliant and hardworking SN organization, gentlemanly and skilled co-participants as well as our travel partners for the quality hobby experience. This one will be hard to beat!

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Picture credits: SN Battle Reports

January 14, 2023

30K: Sparks in the Void Results and Coverage

Back in the trenches! We're celebrating the return of War Head Horus Heresy tournaments this weekend, as our theatre of scifi warfare invades Nopat & Taktiikka Club in Helsinki! The stage will be set for a casual event of sixteen brave commanders and will feature thematic scenery never before seen outside our studio and playtest tables. Let's unleash the galactic civil war!

First Round Pairings and Results
4 Hermanni Raatevaara vs Harri Hokkanen 16
6 Aleksi Karukka vs Miika Kalliokari 14
20 Juuso Seppälä vs Jussi Lindeberg 0
12 Roman Dulik vs Airaksinen 8
9 Roni Landgren vs Oskari Holm 11
18 Jussi Nurro vs Ville Valtonen 2
12 Mika Ketola vs Jupe Heikkinen 8

Second Round Pairings and Results
13 Ville Valtonen vs Jussi Lindeberg 7
13 Mika Ketola vs Roman Dulik 7
11 Miika Kalliokari vs Harri Hokkanen 9
15 Jussi Nurro vs Juuso Seppälä 5
8 Hermanni Raatevaara vs Aleksi Karukka 12
5 Jupe Heikkinen vs Oskari Holm 15
18 Roni Landgrén vs Airaksinen 2

Third Round Pairings and Results
6 Roni Landgrén vs Jussi Nurro 14
14 Hermanni Raatevaara vs Jupe Heikkinen 6
15 Aleksi Karukka vs Ville Valtonen 5
15 Jussi Lindeberg vs Airaksinen 5
6 Roman Dulik vs Harri Hokkanen 14
16 Mika Ketola vs Oskari Holm 4
16 Miika Kalliokari vs Juuso Seppälä 4

Final Standings with Hobby Score
1. Jussi Nurro, Iron Warriors 82
2. Mika Ketola, Imperial Fists 78
3. Harri Hokkanen, Mechanicum 64
4. Hermanni Raatevaara, Space Wolves 62
5. Jussi Lindeberg, Mechanicum 59
6. Juuso Seppälä, Imperial Fists 58
7. Roman Dulik, Raven Guard 57
8. Roni Landgren, Iron Hands 56
9. Ville Valtonen, Space Wolves 56
10. Miika Kalliokari, Blood Angels 55
11. Aleksi Karukka, Legio Custodes 48
12. Oskari Holm, World Eaters 48
13. Jupe Heikkinen, Sons of Horus 38
14.  Airaksinen, Emperor's Children 34

Best Painted Traitor: Jussi Nurro, Iron Warriors
Best Painted Loyalist: Mika Ketola, Imperial Fists
Coolest Army List: Airaksinen, Emperor's Children

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