December 3, 2020

Long live the Rhino Rush!

In order to solemnise War Head's 10th anniversary and our team's decennial friendship we teamed up with @pyramantacle to create a commemorative shirt for the first decade of War Head Hobby Operations! Our designers reached into the long history of our favourite scifi universe for the fitting thematics and combined them with some wicked retro vibes - I think most of us sometimes miss the days when the Tactical Marine was the king and their transports roamed the earth. Take us back to the good old days of Rhino Rush!

If you'd like to join us in the celebrations, we've got a very limited drop of War Head 10th Anniversary Care Packages available for 39,95€, consisting of a shirt and a triptych of postcards with the art in different chapter colors. Message us via pm or for additional information and available sizes. Shipping inside Finland.

10th Anniversary Care Package