August 6, 2023

Ropecon Honours

Ollie's study in atmospheric lighting.
In addition to our own Show of Force program in Ropecon the tradition dictated we had to submit a few entries to the actual painting competition as well! Ollie made this his personal quest this year, entering in all applicable categories with entries he'd been preparing throughout the year. Eric and Teemu also brought something to display and we ended up with a few trophies and commendations to show for it! The best achievement was for sure Ollie's Black Templar triumph in the single category, which was an amazing feat considering the popularity of the contest this year. He also recorded the Public Favourite honour with his screen-accurate Lord of the Rings diorama. 

The arrangements and credibility of Ropecon's painting contest have taken massive leaps during the last couple of years, as the founding actives of The Cold Tones Society have taken it upon themselves to develop the showcase painting scene in Finland. From the contest's practical features to the professional judging process, we've had the chance to enjoy quality organizing and top picture coverage produced by their crew - all of these brilliant photos have been taken by the organizer. This year's special treat was Ropecon's guest of honour Roman Lappat, who also appeared as a guest judge in the painting contest. What a Ropecon it was for a miniature painter and wargamer! The full Painting Contest gallery can be found in the Cold Tones Society site:

Teemu's World Eater Contemptor-Cortus took Bronze in the Large Model category.

Ollie's Sicaran Punisher "The Symphony of the Night" received a Commendation.

The winner of the Ropecon 2023 Public Vote - a Wizard is never late. 

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