August 22, 2023

Civil War Igniting

New, secret forces are taking shap
The big one is coming - War Head Civil War will be played in two weeks' time! It's one of our dearest wargaming traditions and the invitational event for our inner circle has always made amazing hobby memories. Civil War is one of those events where the journey is as important as the destination; everyone is currently painting secret additions to their army - or perhaps creating a new force for the occasion entirely! What's certain is that it will be superbly exciting to gather and see what everyone has come up with and then play for the annual bragging rights.

Our format this year is Horus Heresy Patrols, fashioned after the example of the classic "40K in 40 minutes" rules - 500 point lists with the toughest characters and heavier assets restricted. Three rounds will be played, a single game as 1v1, another as 2v2 and finally four player Carnage free-for-alls. Each round will provide a new layer of gameplay flavour and social interaction. Can't wait.

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