August 8, 2023

Toxic Avenger

Although most of the painting commissions we produce are unit or army sized, every once in a while single character projects pop up. The scale of these gigs makes it possible for us to study the character in detail and put extra effort into conversions and scenic basing like we did here with a customized Death Guard Praetor. Our customer specifications was to have a magnetized weapon set and a basing theme of a tank trap and a "toxic element" to fit the Death Guard spirit. The Forge World Praevian kit accommodated a neat single-magnet weapon swap.

Here the Thunder Hammer has been exchanged to a legion-specific Scythe. Original model's head was changed to a rebreather version from Scout bikers and a hood was added out of Green Stuff.

And here with a Power Axe. The optional Hand Flamer was fitted on to a magnetized Servo Skull, that can be removed easily from the hero's backpack.

The Praetor also carries a Combi-Volkite.

The paint scheme follows the traditional Death Guard palette with some earthy tones and distressed freehand work. Doom shall stalk a thousand worlds!

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