August 14, 2023

Death Gor Glory

Mordheim is one of the evergreen fan favourite systems that just keeps sparking players' inspiration everywhere - these Beastmen are not the first marauding gang of warpstone-hunters we've been tasked to produce. This time we combined earthy leather and fur hues into the basing theme of cobblestone streets and rubble in a contrasting, colder palette. Crude, rusting armament, chaotic tribal tattoos and mainstay skull decorations were the essential details.

The warband has been well collected and it includes some older sculpts combined to modern plastics as well as a centerpiece model from a third-party manufacturer. The usual Beastmen are joined by a couple of spiky Tzaangors and the pack of Warhounds is led by a converted Centigor hero kitbashed out of Gor parts and a Marauder Horseman steed. The entire warband is a formidable force that is going after gold and glory already later this month - we wish them luck in their quests in the City of the Damned!

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