August 13, 2023

Trench Crusade Playtesting

Yesterday we had a neat opportunity to try out the up-and-coming miniature wargame Trench Crusade, currently in development by a team also including the Finnish scene legend Tuomas Pirinen (the mind behind Mordheim and many Warhammer Fantasy publications, to name a couple). Tuomas was kind enough to let us in on the secrets behind the early system and we ran a playtest session with the current rules set. We had great fun, came up with a couple of tweak suggestions and also got to delve into the nightmarish setting of the game with some thematic proxy models assembled from our miniature collection. The game is going to be a real treat for hobbyists into dark and twisted visuals and fast skirmish gameplay - personally I'm all for the "alternative history" setting, where the literal gates of Hell have opened and proper devils and heretic troops are marching out to meet the holy defenders in the trenches of the First World War! 

The style and quality of the artwork and imagery being developed for the universe are absolutely wicked and the official illustrations coming out have greatly sparked our interest. Personally it's always the feeling of the setting that grasps my attention before the nuances of the rules and it's been a while I've been this intrigued about a modern wargaming release. I've taken the liberty to borrow a couple of the official images here just to showcase a bit of the grim Trench Crusade atmosphere.

The Trench Crusade project is moving fast and we recommend you follow the #trenchcrusade tag and hop on their Discord server to keep up to date with future developments and release dates. Can't wait to handle some of the models currently in production!

+ Trench Crusade Discord Server +

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