July 30, 2023

Show of Force!

Presenting the Show of Force royalty! War Head's army gallery as a part of Ropecon 2023 concluded in an awards ceremony, where we rewarded skilled hobbyists for their efforts in Fantasy, Scifi and Historical categories as well as conveyed the results of the public vote in the form of the "Fan Favourite" award. The gallery gathered a lot of attention - a total of 145 public votes were given for our amazing entries. Big up to all participants and voters, the first Show of Force couldn't have turned out much better!

+ Best Fantasy +
Ville Kariola, Gloomspite Git Night Goblins

+ Best Scifi + 
Jussi Lindeberg, Mechanicum (also Fan Favourite)

+ Best Historical +
Tor-Erik Nygård, The French Resistance

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