November 30, 2016

Rogue's Journal, part VI

Inquisitor Les Colfer
The Kaballas Prime skyline was in flames and peculiar alien aircraft was zooming across the horizon. The World War had proceeded to its most brutal stage in the coming of the Black Legion - the planetwide disarray and imperial vulnerability had attracted the Despoiler's attention. My careful manipulation of the Xeno forces had pushed the imperialists to the absolute brink, which was necessary to bring Abaddon to this world. Now the Arch-Fiend was where our organisation wanted him.

Our silent company treaded the rust-coloured wasteland towards a remote industrial zone; a humble location for the Chaos Warmaster's command bunker, probably why it was chosen as such. My allies had patched me up after my close escape from the clutches of the Kraken, and I was on my feet again. Now it was just us, a lone Inquisitor, a handful of henchmen and a unit of Traitor Astartes from the VIII Legion. If I had faith in such nonsense, I could've called it fate.

Our operation to seize the Planet Killer construction plans was in effect.

The carefully prepared strike had been planned weeks in advance and our spy network had tracked Abaddon's movements with great efficiency. The combination of my acolyte agents and the Night Lords' cultist cells had coordinated well and we had received precious intel in time. The Arch-Fiend had left his command bunker some hours ago and placed a rearguard of armour and gun-beasts to protect his headquarters. The bunker was however just a crown for the massive facility underground, that would soon be assaulted by myself and Lord Nerebos along with his trusted brethren. The prize waited in the heart of those tunnels.

To my surprise a formation of Death Guard had also marched to the area and had started an artillery bombardment on the command bunker's courtyard at the same time we launched our attack. A mass of foul living dead had emerged from the sewers and ramshackle barns in the area and were now flanking us some yards away. I saw the Night Lords beside me glance at the advancing Death Guard armour, probably estimating if this unpredicted element would compromise our mission. The Death Guard didn't react to us being present, so the Night Lords continued their assault. The two legions had probably silently agreed their goals didn't interfere, and the oncoming automated fire of Abaddon's bunker's sentry guns gave both something else to think about.

While the Death Guard challenged the Black Legion in hand to hand combat in the northwest, our plan was not to knock on the front door. Our scouts inside had located a hidden entrance under the vehicle depot near the command bunker. We sprinted over the opening and lined up along the wall of the building. Loud shrieks of the Chaos Spawn, engine roar of some kind of a motorbike and the voices of Black Legion champions assigning orders could be heard inside the hangar. As the nearby Black Legion Predator concentrated its efforts into thinning the Plague Zombie horde, we breached in. 

Our company had found the secret entrance, and descended to the tunnels unscathed. The second stage of the operation would soon begin...

"Flamer, ready. Sharpedon, breach the door."

Rogue's Journal on fluffiartikkelisarja, joka seuraa inkvisiittori Les Colferin edesottamuksia War Headin yksittäisistä turnauksista koostuvan syyskampanjan aikana. Kunkin turnauksen tapahtumat kuljettavat inkvisiittorin tarinaa eteenpäin täysin ennakoimattomalla tavalla ja tarina heijastuu näihin artikkeleihin. Kuinka käy Colferin, mitä tämä pakenee ja mitä Kaballaksen järjestelmässä on tekeillä? Tarina jatkuu seuraavan turnauksen jälkeen!

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