November 2, 2016

Rogue's Journal, part V

Inquisitor Colfer
The imperial authority on Kaballas Prime is in ruins and the alien presence is alarming. The acting military senator has been assassinated and his successor, governor Hitchingham, has fled to the moon arm of Absolom Reach. As the xeno forces and remnants of imperial defenders continue their efforts in the Kaballas World War, the ruinous powers have had their chance to reassemble. As the eyes of the world have been upon the burning spires of their mighty capital, a menacing fleet of Desolator Class battleships and Acheron Cruisers have entered its orbit.

Hell Talon fighter squadrons operating under the sign of the Eye have now completed a show of force and made several bombing runs this morning. Among their shrapnel grenades the aircraft also dropped another message in the name of their master -  heretical leaflets heralding the arrival of the Despoiler. The invasion of the Black Legion and their allies has begun...

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