April 20, 2012


As Mosumo the Slann Mage of Nippon arrived to the continent of Lustria, he did it on top of a giant tsunami wave which struck the shores of the jungle islands with great effect. The destroyed treeline was immediately inspected by his Skink overseers who quickly started to count and pile the blasted palmtree trunks the waves had scattered all over the golden beaches. Kroxigors from the battleships were put to work to shape stone to form a foundation of the Slann lord's new home.

Skink Scribes and Priests were dispatched to the nearby temple cities to announce the coming of the new folk. Some of the Slann sent their welcoming parties and worker cohorts to assist with the construction of the new temple city and its fortifications. Some on the other hand were so intimitated by their exotic brother that they decided not to meet Mosumo's court at all. These ancient Slann probably still owed him gold plaques from the distant ages when temple cities practiced trade and especially prophecy scrolls and warbeasts were bought with treasures.

Vigilant saurus warriors guarded the shores as the busy skinks swarmed around the construction sites, which basked in the last rays of the setting sun. The Wrath of the West had arrived to the birthplace of the first civilizations. The ways of Nippon and the wisdom of Cathay would flourish in his new Lustrian Imperium.

(Historians note: Lizardmen consider Cathay and Nippon western parts of the World as they locate to the west from the point of view of the origin continent, Lustria.)

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