November 11, 2011

Flag carrier

BOOM! We completed our contest video today! "Flag carrier" is our entry to the G&G Airsoft's international promo video contest 'Greatest glory'. Our work was made in co-operation with my friends Eric, Hese and a few other people kind enough to participate in the project. Thanks everyone!

We decided to approach the subject of glory with the flag, which has long traditions as a military symbol and which is also used in the airsoft/paintball capture the flag-scenarios. We spiced the concept with some sexy combat gear and action; subtly though, as according to the contest rules the participating videos could not contain any violence.

Flag carrier has been uploaded to youtube and every click of the like button will take us closer to the victory! Our humble group would greatly appreciate any acknowledgement by voting the clip or sharing it forward. Cheers in advance!

I advice you check it out full screen with HD setup. ;)

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