January 5, 2017

Rogue's Journal, part VII

Apothecary Malael Kreios
It was now reality. After all the planning, political schemes, deception and covert operations this man, this mortal, had led us to the grand prize. This renegade inquisitor many of us were still suspicious of had delivered and we now held the Planet Killer construction plans. Oh, what could be achieved with this newly-gained intelligence...

Our assault against the Despoiler's command bunker in the heart of Kaballas Prime had not gone unnoticed. We had battled our way through the never-ending tunnel network for a day and a night, fighting Black Legion troops, Death Guard infiltrators and finally their daemonic allies. The darkness had been our ally as ever and with lord Nerebos at our helm, there was no living soul or a warp-spawn that could have stood in our way.

The planetside reports we'd received signaled Abaddon's triumph over the last remaining Imperial defenders of the capital. The space ports, military senate and the hive city had fallen against the Despoiler's wrath. The alien commander of the so-called Farsight Enclaves, that had held Kaballas Prime prior had been captured by the Astartes of Fenris. But the World Was far from over.

Inquisitor Colfer's spies had intercepted several Imperial messages and these data logs found their way to us in time. Although Abaddon held the capital, the final intervention was at hand - the Imperial Fists under the command of Captain Demetros were orbiting Kaballas and prepared for a full-scale armoured assault against the Black Legion. We had studied Captain Demetros earlier - brutish and easy to predict, but capable. The planet's fate still hung in balance.

We resurfaced at the first light of the day. Everything was as it was supposed to, our company was unscathed, we had what we came for. Now all we had to do was to wait for the extraction. But something else arrived before our transport craft.

In the east we saw the Imperial Fists battle line assembling in a full company formation. In the west the Black Legion and their allies crossed the desert with their war engines, setting up locator beacons for drop pod assault. This we didn't predict. We had emerged at the very heart of the decisive battle for Kaballas, and Colfer had vanished.

Rogue's Journal -kampanja huipentuu tulevana sunnuntaina kolmen kierroksen turnaukseen ja megapeliin, jotka määrittävät Kaballaksen ja Lester Colferin kohtalon! Inkvisiittori Night Lord -liittolaisineen on ajautunut melko kiipeliin kahden valtavan armeijakunnan väliin - ja matkalla olevat lisäjoukot enteilevät maailmanlopun taistelua. Pääkaupungin sydämessä lukuisat armeijakunnat tekevät samaan aikaan viimeisiä siirtojaan kukin omine päämäärineen; jotkut suorittavat edelleen epätoivoisia tehtäviään, toiset yrittävät kaikin voimin pakoon lähestyvää tuhoa. Kaikki tulee loppuun sunnuntaina 8. tammikuuta!

Ennakkolistanpalautus sekä turnaus- että megapeliosallistujien osalta tulee suorittaa perjantain 6.1. aikana. Vielä on suunnittelu- ja maalausaikaa!

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