July 13, 2019

T9A Unbroken Spirit Results and Coverage

The first sunday tournament in the new premises was held for eager Ninth Age players, who practiced their craft in anticipation of Ropecon and the European Team Championships! War Head is one of the sponsors of the national team, and we got to hand out brand-new squad jerseys to their new owners. 

First round pairings and results
3 Ville Oinio vs Olli-Pekka Värri 17
20 Vilhelm Metsalo vs Martti Mikko 0
1 Herman Mäenalanen vs Olli Kanninen 19
14 Antti Häkli vs Pyry Peitso 6
14 Julius Castren vs Ossi Heinonen 6

Second round pairings and results
19 Antti Häkli vs Olli-Pekka Värri 1
20 Herman Mäenalanen vs Martti Mikko 0
19 Julius Castren vs Pyry Peitso 1
20 Ossi Heinonen vs Ville Oinio 0
14 Olli Kanninen vs Vilhelm Metsalo 6

Third Round Pairings and results
15 Ville Oinio vs Martti Mikko 5
5 Julius Castrén vs Olli Kanninen 15
10 Herman Mäenalanen vs Ossi Heinonen 10
8 Pyry Peitso vs Olli-Pekka Värri 12
6 Antti Häkli vs Vilhelm Metsalo 14

Final Standings with Hobby Score
1. Olli Kanninen, Undying Dynasties 52
2. Vilhelm Metsalo, Warriors of Dark Gods 45
3. Antti Häkli, Daemonic Legion 40
4. Julius Castrén, Vampire Covenant 40
5. Ossi Heinonen, Dread Elves 38
6. Olli-Pekka Värri, Infernal Dwarves 32
7. Herman Mäenalanen, Vermin Swarm 31
8. Ville Oinio, Dwarven Holds 22
9. Pyry Peitso, Infernal Dwarves 17
10. Martti Mikko, Infernal Dwarves 8

Army Award: Metsalo, Warriors of the Dark Gods

Vilhelm Metsalo
Warriors of the Dark Gods

605 - Chosen Lord, general, greed, trophy rack, war dais, icon of relentless company, talisman of shielding, immortal gauntlets, entropic aura
435 - Sorcerer, master, evocation, plate armour, black steed 
410 - Sorcerer, adept, alchemy, chariot, plate armour, paired weapons, hero's heart, basalt infusion, lucky charm
240 - Barbarian Chief, shield, light lance, chariot 
240 - Barbarian Chief, shield, light lance, chariot
676 - 24 Warriors, paired weapons, m, s, c, zealot's banner 
225 - 8 Barbarian Horsemen, shield, m
825 - 10 Chosen, envy, halberd, m, s, c, banner of speed 
290 - 5 Knights, lance
90 - 5 Warhounds
460 - Feldrak Elder, paired weapons

Ossi Heinonen
Dread Elves

725 - Cult Priest, Cult of Nabh, Divine Altar, Paired Weapons, Battle Standard, Shield, Alchemist's Alloy, Moraec’s Reaping (Hand Weapon), Dragonfire Gem
600 - Dread Prince, General, Cult of Nabh, Raptor Chariot, Shield, Heavy Armour, Basalt Infusion, Lance, Transcendence (Lance), Midnight Cloak
445 - Oracle, Alchemy, Wizard master, Magical Heirloom
750 - 47x Dread Legionnaires, Spears, Standard Bearer, Flaming Standard, Musician
200 - 10x Blades of Nabh
180 - 10x Corsairs, Musician
195 - Raptor Chariot
195 - Raptor Chariot
195 - Raptor Chariot
135 - 5x Harpies
440 - Hydra
440 - Hydra

Martti Mikko
Infernal Dwarves

Hobgoblin Chieftain [120pts] Wolf

Prophet [570pts]: Alchemy, Army General, Engineer, Master, Pyromancy, Special Equipment: Essence of a Free Mind - Dominant, Tablet of Ashuruk - Wizards only

Vizier [335pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Blunderbuss (3+), Shield, Special Equipment: Ghostly Guard, Icon of the Inferno - Cannot be Taken by Core

Citadel Guard with Flintlock Axe [300pts]: 10x Citadel Guard, Musician, Shield

Hobgoblins with Bows [198pts]: 22x Hobgoblin, Musician

Infernal Warriors with Blunderbuss [632pts]: Champion, 27x Infernal Warrior, Musician, Shields, Standard Bearer

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders [130pts]: 5x Hobgoblin Wolf Rider

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders [130pts]: 5x Hobgoblin Wolf Rider

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower [95pts]

Titan Mortar [300pts]: Ogre Slave Crew

Titan Mortar [300pts]: Ogre Slave Crew

Kadim Incarnates [695pts]: 6x Kadim Incarnate

Kadim Incarnates [695pts]: 6x Kadim Incarnate

Olli-Pekka Värri
Infernal Dwarves

Overlord [540pts]: Army General, Blunderbuss (3+), Shield, Mask of the Furnace, Onyx Core, Secrets of Mithril
Prophet [610pts]: Alchemy, Blunderbuss (3+), Master, Shield, Wizard, Alchemist's Alloy, Magical Heirloom, Tablet of Ashuruk, Obsidian Rock
Vizier [310pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Blunderbuss (3+), Shield, Banner of the Relentless Company, Flaming Standard, Ghostly Guard
Hobgoblin Chieftain [95pts]: Backstabber Boss

Hobgoblins [240pts]: Backstabbers, 22x Hobgoblin, Musician, Champion
Hobgoblins with Bows [180pts]: 20x Hobgoblin, Musician
Infernal Warriors with Blunderbuss [715pts]: 26x Infernal Warrior, Musician,Champion, Standard Bearer,Great Weapon, Shield

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders [135pts]: 5x Hobgoblin Wolf Rider, Shield
Taurukh [190pts]: 5x Taurukh, Musician, Paired Weapons, Shields

Gunnery Team [130pts]: Flamethrower
Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower [95pts]
Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower [95pts]

Infernal Engine [450pts]: Shrapnel Guns
Kadim Incarnates [715pts]: 6x Kadim Incarnate, Champion

Antti Häkli
Daemonic Legions

855 - Maw of Akaan, General (Greater Dominion), Evocation, Wizard Adept, Iron Husk, Unhinging Jaw
335 - Harbinger of Father Chaos, Divination, Wizard Adept, Guiding Digestive Vomit
330 - Harbinger of Father Chaos, Witchcraft, Wizard Adept, Guiding Unhinging Jaw
607 - 22x Myrmidons, Bronze Backbone, Musician, Champion
535 - 19x Succubi, Smothering Coils, Musician, Champion
591 - 6x Clawed Fiends, Musician
591 - 6x Clawed Fiends, Musician
300 - 4x Mageblight Gremlins, Venom Sacs
196 - 2x Mageblight Gremlins, Venom Sacs
160 - 5x Furies

Ville Oinio
Dwarven Holds

King (490) Shield, Smashing, Destruction, Quickening, 2 Iron, Shielding
Thane, BSB (360) Shield, Forge, Dragon's Breath, Courage, Shielding, Holdstone
Runic Smith (360) Shield, 3 Battle Runes, Devouring, Dragon's Breath
Engineer (145) Shield, Forge Repeater
31 Clan Warriors (550) Shields, Full Command, Runic Standard of Wisdom
20 Marksmen (575) Great Weapons, Full Command, Runic Standard of Dismay
25 Seekers (530)
10 Miners (265) Throwing Weapons, Shields, Musician
Bomber (210)
Bomber (210)
Organ Gun (320) Crafted
Catapult (300) Crafted

Pyry Peitso 
Infernal Dwarves

520 - Overlord, General, Shield, Willow's Ward, Death Cheater, Onyx Core (Hand Weapon), Potion of Swiftness
465 - Prophet, Wizard, Wizard, Alchemy, Wizard Master, Shield, Alchemist's Alloy, Blunderbuss
360 - Vizier, Battle Standard, Banner of the Relentless Company, Shield, Blunderbuss, Basalt Infusion, Infernal Weapon, Mask of the Furnace
95 - Hobgoblin Chieftain, Backstabber Boss
653 - 28x Infernal Warriors, Shields, Blunderbuss, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
280 - 26x Hobgoblins, Backstabbers, Musician, Champion
198 - 22x Hobgoblins, Bows, Musician
454 - 17x Immortals, Shields, Infernal Weapons, Musician, Champion
135 - 5x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders, Shields
95 - Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
95 - Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
575 - 5x Kadim Incarnates
575 - Kadim Titan

Julius Castren
Vampire Covenant

860 - Vampire Count, General (The Dead Arise), Nosferatu, Blood Magic, Cosmology, Wizard Master, Light Armour, Destiny's Call, Paired Weapons, Shield Breaker (Paired Weapons), Necromantic Staff
440 - Necromancer, Evocation, Wizard Master, Talisman of the Void, Sceptre of Power
410 - Barrow King, Skeletal Steed, Battle Standard, Dusk forged, Basalt Infusion, Hero's Heart (Hand Weapon)
235 - 20x Skeletons, Standard Bearer, Legion Standard, Musician, Champion
235 - 20x Skeletons, Standard Bearer, Legion Standard, Musician, Champion
235 - 20x Skeletons, Standard Bearer, Legion Standard, Musician, Champion
155 - 20x Zombies, Standard Bearer, Musician
133 - 8x Dire Wolves, Champion
133 - 8x Dire Wolves, Champion
430 - Dark Coach
740 - 4x Winged Reapers, Paired Weapons
490 - Shrieking Horror

Olli "Aco" Kanninen
Undying Dynasties

520 - Death Cult Hierarch, Divination, Wizard Master, Sacred Hourglass, Talisman of the Void, Soul Conduit
280 - Death Cult Hierarch, Evocation, Wizard Adept, Book of Arcane Mastery, Hierophant
240 - Nomarch, General, Crown of the Pharaohs, Scroll of Desiccation
210 - Tomb Architect, Crown of the Wizard King
615 - 8x Skeleton Chariots
250 - 20x Skeletons, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Relentless Company, Musician, Champion
130 - 5x Skeleton Scouts
130 - 5x Skeleton Scouts
776 - 8x Shabtis, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer, Flaming Standard, Musician, Champion
685 - 8x Shabti Archers, Standard Bearer, Rending Banner, Musician
500 - 5x Tomb Cataphracts, Musician
160 - Sand Scorpion

Herman Mäenalanen
Vermin Swarm

820 - Vermin Daemon, General
670 - Plague Patriarch, Occultism, Wizard Apprentice, Plague Pendulum, Light Armour, Putrid Protection, Plague Flail, Dragonfire Gem
215 - Chief, Battle Standard, Light Armour, Binding Scroll
390 - 20x Vermin Guard, Standard Bearer, Lightning Rod, Musician
315 - 27x Plague Brotherhood, Musician, Champion
140 - 20x Giant rats
140 - 10x Footpads, Musician
140 - 10x Footpads, Musician
295 - 4x Vermin Hulks
295 - 4x Vermin Hulks
170 - 8x Plague Disciples
80 - 10x Giant rats
305 - Dreadmill
305 - Dreadmill
110 - 3x Jezails
110 - 3x Jezails

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