March 29, 2019

40K Duality of Destruction Results and Coverage

Our Warhammer 40K doubles tournament turned into an Imperial combat drill as all participants had chosen factions loyal to the God-Emperor! The casual games proceeded in smooth fashion and everybody got to play everybody (also quite easy for us to handle the pairings!). Thanks for bringing your best hobby spirit!

First Round Pairings and Results
12 Rillikerho vs Full Metal Greatcoat 8
20 Non Plus Ultra vs One Man Army 0

Second Round Pairings and Results
10 Non Plus Ultra vs Rillikerho 10
17 Full Metal Greatcoat vs One Man Army 3

Third Round Pairings and Results
3 Full Metal Greatcoat vs Non Plus Ultra 17
20 Rillikerho vs One Man Army 0

Final Standings
1. Non Plus Ultra, Ultramarines 59
2. Rillikerho, Space Wolves & Skitarii 58
3. Full Metal Greatcoat, Valhallans & Salamanders 43
4. One Man Army, Ultramarines 20

Best Painted Army: Jaakko Snicker, Classic Marines

Non Plus Ultra

Ultramarines Battalion Detachment +5 CP, Battle Forged +3 CP -Jaakko

Refined Strategy: Advance, Big Game Hunter, Blood And Guts, Priority Orders Received​

HQ1 Captain(74), Jump Pack(19), Relic Blade(9), The Sanctic Halo, WARLORD: Adept of the Codex [102]​
HQ2 Sergeant Telion [65]​

Troop1 Scout Squad(55), 1xAdditional Scout(11), 5xBoltgun(0), 1xSniper Rifle(2), Combat Knife(0) [68]​
Troop2 Scout Squad(55), 4xBoltgun(0), Heavy Bolter(10), Chainsword(0) [65]​
Troop3 Scout Squad(55), 5xAdditional Scout(55), 10xCamo Cloak(30), 9xSniper Rifle(18), Missile Launcher(20) [178]​

Fast1 Scout Bike Squad(69), Boltgun(0) [69]​
Fast2 Scout Bike Squad(69), Boltgun(0) [69]​
Fast3 Scout Bike Squad(69), Boltgun(0) [69]​

Heavy1 Devastator Squad(65), 3xHeavy Bolter(30), Missile Launcher(20) [115]​

Total: 800​

Ultramarines Battalion Detachment +5 CP -Akseli​

HQ3 Techmarine(45) [45]​
HQ4 Lieutenant(60), Jump Pack(18), Plasma Pistol(5), Chainsword(0) [83]​

Troop4 Scout Squad(55), 4xSniper Rifle(8), Missile Launcher(20), 5xCamo Cloak(15) [98]​
Troop5 Scout squad(55), Heavy Bolter(10), Chainsword(0) [65]​
Troop6 Tactical squad(65), 1xAdditional Marine(13), Lascannon(25), Storm Bolter(2) [105]​

Heavy2 Thunderfire cannon [92]​
Heavy3 Predator(90), Twin Lascannon(40) [130]​
Heavy4 Predator(90), Predator autocannon(40), Two Lascannons(50), Storm Bolter(2) [182]​


Batallion Detachment [Imperium - Space Wolves] [799 Points] +5CP

Trophies of Fenris (1 extra relic) -1CP

Refined Strategy: 11 Oath of Vengeance, 41 Advance, 46 Domination, 55 Psychological Warfare, 61 Kingslayer, 62 Witch Hunter

HQ1: Wolf Lord with Jump Pack (93), Thunder hammer (21), Storm shield (10) <Space Wolves> [124] Warlord: Saga of the Wolfkin, Relic: The Wulfen Stone
HQ2: Rune Priest with Jump Pack (112), Runic sword (10), Plasma pistol (5) <Space Wolves> [127] Relic: The Armour of Russ, Tempestas Discipline: Tempest’s Wrath, Storm Caller
Troop1: 5 x Grey Hunters (65), Power sword (4), 4 x Chainsword (0), Plasma gun (11) <Space Wolves> [80]
Troop2: 5 x Grey Hunters (65), 5 x Chainsword (0), Plasma gun (11) <Space Wolves> [76]
Troop3: 5 x Blood Claws (65), Power fist (9) <Space Wolves> [74]
Elite1: Dreadnought (60), Twin lascannon (40), Dreadnought combat weapon (30), Storm bolter (2) <Space Wolves> [132]
Dedicated Transport1: Rhino (70): 2 x Storm bolter (4) <Space Wolves> [74]
Dedicated Transport2: Razorback (70), Twin lascannon (40), Storm bolter (2) <Space Wolves> [112]

Battalion Detachment  (Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus) [799pts] +5CP

Forge World Choice: Forge World: Stygies VIII - Dogma: Shroud Protocols

HQ1: Tech-Priest Dominus (Macrostubber, Volkite Blaster) [90pts]
HQ2: Tech-Priest Enginseer [30pts]
Troop1: Kataphron Destroyers: 3 x Kataphron Destroyer (Phosphor Blaster, Plasma Culverin) [144pts]
Troop2: Skitarii Rangers: 5x Skitarii Ranger (Galvanic Rifle), Ranger Alpha (Galvanic Rifle) [42pts]
Troop3: Skitarii Vanguards: 2x Skitarii Vanguard (Radium Carbine), 2x Skitarii Vanguard (Plasma Caliver), Vanguard Alpha (Radium Carbine) [62pts]
Fast1: 2x Sydonian Dragoon (Taser Lance) [136pts]
Fast2: 1x Sydonian Dragoon (Taser Lance) [68pts]
Heavy1: Onager Dunecrawler (Broad Spectrum Data-tether, Neutron Laser, Cognis Heavy Stubber) [117pts]
Heavy2: Onager Dunecrawler (Broad Spectrum Data-tether, Icarus Array) [110pts]

Full Metal Greatcoat

Valhallan Astra Militarum Battalion detachment (+5CP, 800 points)

HQ1: Company commander(30), bolt pistol(0), chainsword(0)[30](Warlord:
Bellowing voice)(RELIC: Pietrov's MK 45)
HQ2: Company commander(30), bolt pistol(0), chainsword(0)[30]

TROOP1: Infantry squad(40), sniper rifle(2), lascannon(20), bolt
pistol(0), chainsword(0)[62]
TROOP2: Infantry squad(40), sniper rifle(2), lascannon(20), bolt
pistol(0), chainsword(0)[62]
TROOP3: Infantry squad(40), lascannon(20), bolt pistol(0), chainsword(0)[60]

ELITE1: Hades breaching drill squadron(125), 2 flamers(12), bolt
pistol(0), chainsword(0)[137]
ELITE2: Hades breaching drill squadron(125), 2 plasmaguns(14), bolt
pistol(0), chainsword(0)[139]

FA1: 8 rough riders(64), 8 hunting lances(16)[80]

HS1: Heavy weapons squad(18), 3 heavy bolters(24)[42]
HS2: Colossus bombard(150), heavy bolter(8)[158]

Salamander Space Marine Battalion detachment (+5CP, 796 points)

HQ1: Lieutenant(60), master-crafted boltgun (3) (Primarch's Wrath),
power fist(9)[72]
HQ2: Chaplain with jump pack(90), Crozius arcanum(0), bolt pistol(0)[90]

TROOP1: 5 Scouts (55), 3 sniper rifles (6), 1 boltgun (0), 1 missile
launcher (20) [81]
TROOP2: 5 Tactical Marines (65), 1 plasma gun (11), 1 power axe (5)[81]
TROOP2: 5 Tactical Marines (65), 1 plasma gun (11), melta bombs(5)[81]

ELITE1: 5 Sternguards (70), 5 special issue boltgun (10), 1 power sword
ELITE2: Dreadnought(60), twin lascannon (40), missile launcher (20)[120]
ELITE3: 5 Assault Terminators (115), 3 pairs of lightning claws (36), 2
thunder hammers (32), 2 storm shields (4), teleport homer (0)[187]

Total: 1596 points, 13 CP (-1 for additional relic)

Peruspakka käytössä, poistetut kortit:
41: Advance
46: Domination
55: Psychological warfare
62: Witch hunter
63: Scour the scies
66: Priority orders received

One Man Army

<Ultramarines> Battalion +5

HQ1: Captain (74), Power Sword (10) Storm Bolter (2) [86]
HQ2: Primaris Lieutenant, Boltgun [60]
TROOP1: 10 Tactical Marines, HB, Meltagun, Sergeant with Melta Bombs [159]
TROOP2: 10 Tactical Marines, HB, Meltagun, Sergeant with Melta Bombs [159]
TROOP3: 10 Tactical Marines, HB, Meltagun, Sergeant with Melta Bombs [159]
HEAVY2: 5 Devastators (65) 4 Heavy Bolters (40) [105]
TRANSPORT1: Rhino [75]

<Ultramarines> Spearhead Detachment +1

HQ1: Captain (74), Chainsword (0), Storm Bolter (2) Power sword (10) [86] WARLORD: Adept of the Codex RELIC: Teeth of Terra
HEAVY1: Thunderfire Cannon (55), Techmarine Gunner (37), Plasma cutter (5), Flamer (6), Bolt Pistol (0), Servo-arm (0) [92]
HEAVY2: Thunderfire Cannon (55), Techmarine Gunner (37), Plasma cutter (5), Flamer (6), Bolt Pistol (0), Servo-arm (0) [92]
HEAVY3: 5 Devastators, 4 Lascannons [165]
HEAVY4: Land Raider, Storm bolter (2), Twin heavy bolter (17), 2x Twin lascannon (100) [358]

Command Points: 9

Refined Strategy:

Psychological warfare
Witch hunter
Scour the skies

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