January 4, 2024

The Recipe Bandits

In continuation of last episode...

In our recent Halloween games the adventurers got a surprise of their lives as they stepped into the woods surrounding the town of Saint Thracius! What was supposed to be a simple mission of tracking down a cohort of Beastmen bandits (the party responsible of stealing the Great Pumpking's favourite pie recipe) turned out to be a giant quest...

As it was the spooky season, Ollie reinforced his old Age of Sigmar Beastmen army with a trio of horrifying giants, each lovingly crafted to a unique character of its own with a number of horror movie references hidden in the intricate conversions and the paintjob. These appeared in the game one by one and the participants couldn't anticipate the coming of the monstrosities beforehand - the appearance of each one was a proper curveball on the in-game situation and the players' tactics. Super fun!

What makes these giants extra special is that they're brilliantly integrated to the fantasy lore of Thracia Rex, with the modelled and painted details as well as colour choices referencing either the feudal world gaming board or our other Halloween armies. Projects like this are exciting to be a part of, and each year the universe we've built together becomes a bit larger and more colourful.

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