September 16, 2023

Scar Dealership

The acting commander
The War Head Civil War is always a proving ground for some entirely new detachments, like these White Scars Noa has secretly built for over a year! He already has a tournament-sized force assembled and this Recon-spirited patrol was the first batch honoured with a coat of paint. Noa's force has a balanced variety of aggression and surgical precision, spearheaded by unique shotgunners and a Despoiler squad armed to the teeth. The patrol is symbolically led by a hardened Apothecary in his signature red battle plate.

What catches the eye in the models are the arid basing and the great execution of the white armour - the subtle chipping and dirt effects achieved with Winter Streaking Grime fit the Horus Heresy setting exceptionally in their bleak realism. The blue lenses, crimson heraldry and black weapons contrast the main colour brilliantly. The army is based in the same way as Noa's Salamanders, so the two forces fighting side by side would form a cohesive entirety. It pays to plan ahead!

Recon Marines make their way to firing positions.

Mark II Power Armour and Nemesis Boltguns.

Shotgun-armed Astartes in tight cityfight conditions.

A mere flesh wound.

Recon Marines pinned down. We need backup!

Despoilers are on their way to aid their comrades.

Subtle cultural details pointing to legion's heritage and origins.

Helmetless veterans.

The ol' reliable.

500 points of White Scars ready for their first Civil War assignment.

Noa did well with his loyalists and gathered an impressive points tally.

White Scars project is truly on, we're looking forward to their reinforcements!

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