September 17, 2023

Manic! at the Disco

The Sons of Chemos make yet another appearance in War Head picture feed, as Ollie revisited his pet project for the third time for this year's Civil War games. The result is a comprehensive Emperor's Children ensemble with all the elegant flair, arrogance and depravity that is their Legion culture! The army was done according to the modern style for most of our projects - a combination of scratchbuilt Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 kits with a few 3D-printed accessories and details. Some of the decorative armour trimming has also been sculpted out of green stuff. Everything is tied together by a cold-toned, limited palette with some contrasting rust hues in the basing.

The characters are always the best models to work on and Ollie made sure he had the opportunity to make plenty by creating some of the iconic Emperor's Children heroes as "counts as" leaders for his force. A regular Apothecary was portrayed by his interpretation of Fabius Bile, a Despoiler Sergeant was modelled as Lucius and the Legion Armistos was stylized to depict Marius Vairosean, the captain of the Third Company. The list was probably one of the favourite opponents in the Civil War as everyone was trying to take out the wicked villains - and proved to be a fun detachment to direct as well!

Marius Vairosean, the first Noise Marine.

Ollie's scratchbuilt third company elites.

Love your job!

A Sonic Artillery piece, with slight body horror vibes.

Counts as a Rapier Graviton Cannon.

Third company elites display their colours in high ground.

Look good, do good.

Despoiler Squad champion.
Emperor's Childrens' noble line troops.

Captain Lucius with twin blades.

Green washes were used to tone down the saturation in the gold details.
The cloak is sculpted out of green stuff.
Fabius Bile, "The Spider".
The doctor with his tools.

Apothecarion symbol as well as all the legion iconography on the army's shoulder pads were done in freehand.

Third Company elites assembled for War Head Civil War V.

Let's make some noise!

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