May 22, 2023

The Lead Ogre

The third commission batch in a grand Death Korps of Krieg collection we've been assembling and painting included some Imperial Navy assets and was spearheaded by the famous lead-spitting Super Heavy tank! The Forge World units in particular made the project a joy to tackle. The paint scheme followed the example of the previous installments we've produced over the last year and is a rather traditional Imperial Guard / Krieg trencher palette. 

The camouflage patterns and metallic details form the body of the vehicles, but for me it's always the weathering that brings these things to life. This time we also added some white detailing in cannon barrels, hatches and decals for added contrast. We also hid a few freehanded nicknames or callsigns on the vehicles for our customer to spot later, characterful details like this often make gaming with the pieces a bit more memorable as well. Onwards to new quests!

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