August 18, 2022

I am Kroot: The Surefoot Kabal

War Head's Kroot Mercenaries army was (like many others) a Ropecon project that we started way ahead of the main event in 2015. I think we spent around ten months planning the force, sourcing parts and models and finally building and painting the chosen units and their vehicles.

Our original idea was to create a rather traditional fieldcraft/ranger force to be used in combination with our greenside Tau Empire army, an uniform basing theme would've allowed them to be used as an independent detachment or as a part of a Tau army list. I however wanted to steer the theme to a renegade auxiliary force that would include darker shades and sharper edges - the moodboards included a lot of post-apocalyptic scenes, old and new Mad Max, some Gorkamorka elements, desert, pirates and a lot of scratchbuilding possibilities.

Army pictures and additional project musings in the War Head Facebook gallery below!

+++ I am Kroot: The Surefoot Kabal Facebook Gallery +++

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