December 1, 2021

The Jurassic Dark

We created a few "horror-inspired" Age of Sigmar armies for our Halloween Battle this fall - these Lizardmen are a wily bunch of witches and grave-robbers that have chosen to take root in the Realm of Shadows and have tread a bit too far from the light of the their star-masters. This would have led to a cultural and physical decay in their mighty cohorts, with the loyalty to the Old Ones slowly changing to cult behavior and primitive paganism. One of the most interesting elements in AoS for me is how the different realms offer thematic conversion ideas and possibilities to interpret the usual faction visuals and culture in a different, imaginative way.

Small projects like these are awesome for testing out new mediums, methods and techniques - it's always healthy to challenge oneself and to try pushing both the vision and end product a bit further. Some of the cornerstones here were the Vallejo Malefic Skin Paint Set, AK Interactive scenic accessories and Green Stuff World tools such as the Chainmail Texture Plate, most of which are available via our webstore. Our also contains many pics and musings about the idea and execution behind the new force.

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