November 18, 2017

Scars of Betrayal Results and Coverage

First Round Pairings and Results
14 Sampsa Lahti vs Miika Kalliokari 6
5 Harri Hokkanen vs Roman Dulik 15
15 Noa Kaistinen vs Timo Nevalainen 5
0 Oskari Holm vs Roni Landgrén 20

Second Round Pairings and Results
12 Roni Landgrén vs Roman Dulik 8
11 Noa Kaistinen vs Sampsa Lahti 9
7 Harri Hokkanen vs Miika Kalliokari 13
20 Oskari Holm vs Timo Nevalainen 0

Third Round Pairings and Results
13 Roni Landgrén vs Noa Kaistinen 7
4 Oskari Holm vs Miika Kalliokari 16
15 Harri Hokkanen vs Timo Nevalainen 5
9 Sampsa Lahti vs Roman Dulik 11

Final Standings
1. Roni Landgrén, Mechanicum 48
2. Roman Dulik, Raven Guard 37
3. Miika Kalliokari, Blood Angels 37
4. Sampsa Lahti, Imperial Fists 36
5. Noa Kaistinen, Iron Warriors 36
6. Oskari Holm, World Eaters 28
7. Harri Hokkanen, Alpha Legion 28
8. Timo Nevalainen, Sons of Horus 13

Paras Armeija: Sampsa Lahti, Imperial Fists

Noa Kaistinen
Iron Warriors

Rite of War: Primarchs chosen

HQ: Perturabo: [455]

ELITE1: Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought (155): Two Kheres pattern assault cannon(25). [180]
ELITE2:Contemptor Dreadnougt Talon (175): twin-linked HB(0), Shrapnel Bolts(0), Heavy flamer(10), Extra armour(5). [190]

TROOP1: Veteran tactical squad 100: 5x additional veterans (5x12), 2x Missile launcher with suspensor web (2x25), Artifecer armour (10). [220]

TROOP2: Veteran tactical squad 100: 5x additional veterans (5x12), 2x Missile launcher with suspensor web (2x25),Nuncio-vox (10) , Artifecer armour (10), power fist (15). [245]

TROOP3: Veteran tactical squad 100: 5x additional veterans (3x12), Meltagun(15), Artifecer armour (10), Combi-melta(10). [171]

TROOP4: Legion Terminator Squad (175): Plasma blaster(15), 2xCombi plasma(2x7), 2xPower fists(2x5), Chainfist(10), Power maul(0), Terminator SGT with pair of lightning claws(15). [239]

HS1: Legion Vindicator Siege Tank Squadron (120): Dozer blade(5), Machine Spirit(25). [150]
HS2: Legion Vindicator Siege Tank Squadron (120): Dozer blade(5), Machine Spirit(25). [150]

Oskari Holm
World Eaters

Rite of War - Berserker Assault
Savage Tides Rising: Doom of the World Eaters - Blood Madness

LoW1: The Red Angel, Master of the World Eaters, Primarch Angron 400
HQ1: Legion Centurion, Power Fist, Lightning Claw, Artificier armour, Reftractor Field, Melta Bombs 115
Elites1: Contemptor Dreadnought 190pts, 2x Power Fists, 1x Graviton gun 190pts
Elites2: Apothecary 45
Troops1: Legion Assault Squad(10), Sgt. with Power Sword & Melta Bombs, 190pts
Troops2: Legion Tactical Squad(14),Chainaxes, Sgt. with Power Axe & Melta bombs, 180pts
Troops2: Legion Tactical(10) squad, Bolters, Sgt. with Melta bombs 130pts
FA1: Rampager Squad (10), 2x Twin-Falax Blades, 3X Meteor Hammers, 3x Excruciator Chainaxes, 1x Barbed Hook lash, Champion with Powerfist 335
HS1:Legion Heavy Support Squad (5), Lascannons 235
HS2:Legion Predator Tank, Executioner Plasma Destroyer, Heavy Bolter sponsons, Twin-Linked Bolter, Machine Spirit 180pts

Miika Kalliokari
Blood Angels 

Day of Revelation

HQ1: Praetor (100) Jump pack(20) Iron halo(25) Blade of Perdition(20) Melta bombs(5) [170]
Elite1: 5 Tartaros Terminators(175) Pair of lightning claws(15) 2 Power fist(10) 2 Chain Fist(20) [220]
Troop1: 10 Assault squad(175) Artificer Armor(10) pair of Lightning claws(20) melta bombs(5) 2 Power Axe(20) [230]
Troop2: 10 Assault Squad(175) Artificer Armor(10) Power fist(15) Melta bomb(5) 2 Power sword(20)[225]
Fast1: Legion Land Speeder(40) multi-melta(10) [50]
Heavy1: Deredeo Dreadnought(185) Aiolos Missile launcher(35) [220]
Heavy2: Leviathan Dreadnought(270) Siege drill(5) 2 Illiastus Assault Cannon(10) Armored Ceramite(20) Phosphex Discharger(15) [320] in transport1
Heavy3: Land Raider Proteus [180]
Transport1: Dreadnought Drop Pod[100]

Sisters of Silence Allied Detachment [285]
HQ2: Oblivion Knight-Centura[75]
Troop3: 5 Vigilator Cadre[85] in Dedicated transport1
Dedicated Tansport1: Kharon Pattern Aquisitor [125]

Roman Dulik
Raven Guard

HQ1: Corvus Corax 450pts

Troops 1: Tartaros Terminator Squad, Legion 200pts 1x Terminator Sergeant: Raven's Talons [25pts]
Power Weapon: Power Axe 4x Terminators: Combi-Bolter + Power Axe

Troops 2: Veteran Tactical Squad, 110pts: Veteran Tactics: Marksmen. Veteran Sergeant with [10pts]: Artificer Armour [10pts], Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Combat Blade. 4x Veteran Space Marines [12pts] with: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Combat Blade

Elites 1: Mor Deythan Strike Squad 210pts:  5x Mor Deythan [80pts] with 5x Combi-weapon [35pts]
Elites 2:Quad Launcher Support Battery 70pts: Legion Rapier [60pts] with Shatter Shell 10pts
Elites 3: Apothecary 60pts: Chainsword, Jump Pack [15pts]

Fast1:Dark Fury Assault Squad 265pts: 1x Chooser of the Slain 5x Dark Fury

Heavy1: Fire Raptor Gunship 220pts with Four wing-mounted Hellstrike Missiles [20pts]
Two Independent Ball Turret-mounted:: Quad Heavy Bolter

Heavy2: 1x Spartan Assault Tank 330pts with Armoured Ceramite [20pts], Dozer Blade [5pts], Quad Lascannon Sponsons, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

Heavy3: 1x Whirlwind Scorpius 115pts, with Scorpius Multi-Launcher

Dedicated Transport: Rhino Armoured Carrier 40pts + Dozer Blade [5pts]

Sampsa Lahti
Imperial Fists

Rite of War: Pride of the Legion

HQ1: (165p): Alexis Polux

HQ2: (105p): Damocles Command Rhino (100p), Dozer Blade (5p)

Troop1: (290p): Veteran Tactical Squad x10 (160p), Sgt. Artificer Armor (10p), Sgt. Power Fist (15p), 2x Meltagun (30p), Nuncio-Vox (10p), Vexilla (10p), Machine Killers     

Troop2: (425p): Terminator Squad (Tartarus) x7 (235p), 7x Thunder Hammer (70p), 7x Vigil Storm Shield (105p), Teleportation Transponder (15p)

Troop3: (185p): Tactical Support Squad x5 (100p), Sgt. Artificer Armor (10p), 5x Plasma Gun (75p)

Elite1: (215p): Contemptor Dreadnought (175p), Dreadnought Chainfist (10p) w/ Built-In Meltagun (15p), Plasma Cannon (10p), Extra Armor (5p)

Heavy1: (185p): Deredeo-pattern Dreadnought (185p), Twin-Linked Anvilus-pattern Autocannons, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter

Heavy2: (430p): Leviathan Siege Dreadnought (270p), Cyclonic Melta Lence (20p), Leviathan Siege Drill (5p), 2x Heavy Flamer, Phosphex Discharger (15p), Armored Ceramite (20p)
Rhino Armored Carrier (35p), Multi-Melta (10p), Dozer Blade (5p)
Dreadnought Drop Pod (100p)

Roni Landgren

HQ1: Magos Prime (95) Archmagos (35) Ordinator (35) Cyber-familiar (15) Cyber Occularis (15) Master Crafted (5) -> Photon Thruster (30) [230]
HQ2: Magos Dominus (75) Servo Arm (10) Augury Scanner (5) [90]
TROOP1: Adsecularis Covenant (35) Rite of Pure Thought (15) [50]
TROOP2: Thallax Cohort (135) Phased Plasma-fusil (10) Destructor (15) [160]
TROOP3: Thallax Cohort (135) Photon Thruster (25) Destructor (15) [175]
TROOP4: 2 Castellax (2 * 105) 2 Darkfire Cannon (2 * 20) 2 Enhanced Targetin Array (2 * 15) [280]
TROOP5: 2 Castellax (2 * 105) 2 Enhanced Targetin Array (2 * 15) [240]
FAST1: Ursarax Cohort (175) 3 additional Urasarax (3 * 50) 4 Power Fist (4* 40) [365]
FAST2: Vultarax Stratos-Automata [175]
HEAVY1: Thanatar Siege-Automata (250) Enhanced Targeting Array (15) [265]
HEAVY2: 3 Myrmidon Destructors (135) 3 Graviton Imploder (3 * 35) [240] in transport 1
TRANSPORT1: Triaros Armoured Conveyor [135]

Timo Nevalainen
Sons of Horus 

The Long March

HQ1: Legion Praetor(artificer armour, plasma pistol, paragon blade, iron halo) (170p)

Elite1: Apotecharion detachment: Apotechary w/artificer armour, volkite charger (65p)

Troop1: Justaerin terminator squad(1xpair of lightning claws, 2xcombi-weapon(melta), multi-melta, chainfist, 2xlightning claw) (329p)
Troop2: Legion tactical squad 19xmarines w/legion vexilla + sergeant w/artificer armour, power fist & melta-bomb (265p)
Troop3: Legion tactical squad 14xmarines + sergeant w/artificer armour, lightning claw & melta-bomb (205p)

Heavy1: Sicarran battle tank w/lascannon sponsons (205p)
Heavy2: Legion vindicator tank w/laser destroyer array (130p)
Heavy3: Legion vindicator tank w/laser destroyer array (130p)

LOW: Horus the Warmaster (500p)

Harri Hokkanen
Alpha Legion

Allegiance, Legion: Traitor
Rite of War: Recon Company, Legion

HQ1: Vigilator [110pts]: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Chainsword or Combat Blade, On Foot, Power Dagger, Refractor Field

Elites1: Apothecarion Detachment [75pts] Apothecary, Legion: Chainsword/Combat Blade, Jump Pack, Power Dagger, Volkite Charger

Troop1: Assault Squad, Legion [225pts]: 9x Assault Space Marines, Legion. Additional Wargear. . Power Weapon: Power Sword. Power Weapon: Power Sword. Assault Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Power Dagger, Power Fist

Troop2: Reconnaissance Squad, Legion [135pts]: Nuncio-Vox, Power Armour, 4x Sniper Rifle, 4x Space Marines, Legion. Sergeant, Legion: Sniper Rifle

Troop3: Tactical Squad, Legion [210pts]: 9x Tactical Space Marines, Legion. Tactical Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Lightning Claw, Power Dagger

Troop4: Tactical Support Squad, Legion Meltagun [230pts]: Meltagun, 4x Space Marines, Legion, Support Squad . Sergeant, Legion: Bolt Pistol, Meltagun

Fast1: Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter [215pts]: Ground-tracking Auguries, 2x Kraken Penetrator Heavy missile

Fast2: Seeker Squad, Legion [220pts]: 4x Seeker Space Marines, Legion Additional Wargear: Nuncio-vox. Combi-weapon: Combi-weapon: Plasma gunx4. Strike Leader, Legion: Artificer Armour, Power Dagger

Heavy1: Jetbike Sky Slayer Support Squadron, Legion [165pts]: Multi-melta, 3x Space Marine Sky Slayers. Standard Wargear: Chainsword or Combat Blade

LOW1: Alpharius [415pts]

Transport 1 Rhino Armoured Carrier, Legion: Dozer Blade, Multi Melta
Transport 2 Rhino Armoured Carrier, Legion: Dozer Blade, Multi Melta


  1. Recon company requires all compulsory troops to be Recon squads. Why nuncio on the Seekers?

    1. Seems this has been missed! Cannot comment on the wargear choices though. :)