August 15, 2012

Kill Team

Olli on pelannut kotipaikkakuntansa figuporukan kanssa jo pitkään kiintoisia tarinavetoisia skirmish-seikkailuita. Sääntöinä on käytetty Games Workshopin Inquisitoria, mutta pelille ominaisten 54-millisten figujen sijaan Olli kavereineen on kasannut seikkailijajoukkonsa perinteiseen 28-milliseen skaalaan. Näin figut ovat käytettävissä ristiin esimerkiksi 40k:n kanssa, sopivat samoihin maastoihin ja myös niiden rakentaminen on helpompaa, kun mittakaavaan on saatavilla paljon figuvaihtoehtoja ja bitsejä.

Kentällä onkin näkynyt tosi mielenkiintoisia, useimmiten synkkiä mutta hyvin tunnelmallisia warbandeja, joiden joka figuun on käytetty vaivaa ja ajatusta - tämä onkin skirmish-mittakaavan lahja perfektionisteille (taikka vain laiskoille), kun erityinen figukohtainen panostus on mahdollista eikä pelattavan kokoiseen armeijaan tarvitse tehdä kymmenittäin nappeja.

Ollin 'Renegades of the 138th Legion' voitti tänä vuonna Ropeconin miniatyyrimaalauskilpailun Ryhmä-kategorian.

The Renegades of the 138th Legion

Three camouflaged figures stalked through a forsaken ruin, halting to a blasted doorway. The view lead to a dusty, silent courtyard. The building, or what was left of it, was a chapel once built to worship the God-Emperor and it's Sororitas guardians who stood watch on this side of the Imperium. Nowadays the shattered windows and mangled statues reminded only of the century of war between the Imperial organs and the tenacious Resistance.

"Eyes peeled" Voorhees growled to his Vox-caster. He glanced upon his reflection on one of the window fragments. A menacing, masked face with it's eyes glowing watched back. Behind him Glenn carefully raised his head to check the westside street, his finger firmly on the grenade launcher trigger. Nearby Salem was checking their six, setting up trip wire and booby traps, humming through his faceplate as he went about his business.

"Contact dead ahead. Two-two-Echo." vox hissed back, forwarding Draven's message from the clocktower. Voorhees checked his cracked timepiece. Just in time.
"A Battle sister squad and a Rhino incoming." he briefed his team. Glenn sneaked next to a brick wall, crouching to peek through a bullethole. They could hear the light transport closing in, crushing rubble beneath it's tracks.
"And a redhead." clocktower adviced with a static burst, voice this time belonging to spotter Rios. The Renegades now knew the enemy had an officer amongst them, a decorated Sister Superior easily distinguished by their blood-red helmets. Stakes were high.

"Weapons ready, brothers. Salem, you got that charge ready?" Voorhees gritted without turning his head to see the breacher's firm nod.

"Okay then. Let's light the divine fire for these bitches."

Renegades of the 138th legion are a team of skilled remnants of a once proud regiment.

They tread upon a forgotten planet, mostly consisting of merciless deserts and toxic wasteland. The planet's one city is controlled by the absolute and unforgiving Imperial church and the Adepta Sororitas Battle sisters, the zealous warrior-nuns of the Ordo Hereticus. The City is surrounded by a massive wall, denying outsiders from entering, but also the inhabitants from leaving.

Within the city an endless war between the Sororitas and the Resistance continues, with Sergeant Voorhees' team at the forefront of the battle. These five weapon specialists are dedicated to protecting the citizens from the church, the religious Imperial views and from the dominance of the Sororitas. Acting in unison with the wide rebel network, these renegades operate to gnaw on the Imperial authority and to reveal the rotten nature of the Inquisition.

Salem is the team's demolitions expert who builds the explosives and plans the cunning traps laid on the path of the Battle sisters.

Glenn is Voorheese's right hand, a devoted lieutenant whose bright tactical reasoning and sheer fascination to large-caliber firearms have proved to be highly useful traits for the Renegade team.
Together with his crazed demolition man, his second-in-command and the experienced sniper-duo formed by Draven and Rios, Sergeant Voorhees is ready to conduct another ambush against the Battle sisters enforcing Imperial tyranny. For the resistance!

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