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The War Head crew is passionate about Warhammer 40K, Classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle, historical wargames and visual arts. The entrepreneur, author and founder of the site is a wargamer whose interests also include recreational hockey, literature, chips and the English Premier League.

War Head is both a hobby retailer and a tight-knit wargaming team. Our social media channels are a way for us to convey the passion and excitement of our hobby adventures, whether it's a scenery workshop, a long-planned battle or an exciting tournament journey. War Head is all about sharing experiences, interacting with fellow hobbyists and giving something back to the community - and to the dear hobby of ours.

War Head organizes tournament events, hobby meetings, participation battles and does commission work in painting single figures and armies as well as creating wargaming terrain for the use of companies and individual gamers. Our hobby experiences, work-in-progress pics and battle reports are documented here on our website and in in our social media channels. 

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War Head, Founder, Author
Wargaming since: 2001
Trademark army: Carcharodons Space Marines
Current projects: Horus Heresy World Eaters, Secret Civil War schemes
"Constantly 40K-driven but interested in several game systems, I've tried to embrace both the competitive and the artistic sides of the hobby. Scratchbuilding, army painting, completed unique forces and exciting battles are where it's at."

Brush Wizard, Game boy
Wargaming since: 2003
Trademark army: The Imperial Fists
Current projects: Horus Heresy Iron Warriors, Horus Heresy Night Lords
"The single best guy to work on projects with, Ollie's modelmaking skills, ideas and painting supremacy just keep on inspiring. As our showcase model specialist Ollie is a regular entrant in domestic painting competitions, often performing with golden success!"

Visual engineer, Sensei
Wargaming since: 2000
Trademark army: Tempestus Stormtroopers "The Crimson Lightning"
Current projects: Horus Heresy Dark Angels, Imperial Militia
"Eric is one of those dedicated artistic hobbyists who always have a new project bubbling under. In addition to concentrating in improving his Lord of the Rings miniatures collection, Eric is also a serious enthusiast in the historical wargames genre."

Waaaaghlord, Brute
Wargaming since: 2001
Trademark army: Greenskinz!
Current projects: Halflings for Moot Rebellion
"The biggest and most intense battles won't happen without Hese around. Always contemplating on a new campaign or a scenario concept, we've had countless of memorable skirmishes and mega battles together. Massive armies, massive fun!"

Hive Mind, Master of Darkness
Wargaming since: 2000
Trademark army: Hive Fleet Nostromo Alienids
Current projects: Talons of the Emperor
"A great addition to the War Head roster, Johannes has entered the active wargaming world again after a few on/off-years. Known for playing only movement and assault phases in 40K, this fluff purist is a valuable asset for the War Head field operations."

Mentor, Overlord
Wargaming since: 80's
Trademark army: Elysian Drop Detachment 77
Current projects: Necromunda and Bolt Action
"Juha is War Head's revered veteran and adds a pinch of historical spice to our games variety. In addition to being known as a true fluff gamer and as the promoter in the Finnish Force on Force gaming scene, Juha has been pioneering historical gaming in the domestic circles."

Warsmith, Battle-brother
Wargaming since: 2006
Trademark army: Iron Warriors
Current projects: Horus Heresy White Scars
"Our most trusted tournament substitute has a collection of Perturabo's disciples for both 30K and 40K systems. Noa's vision for scratch-built armies has begun to bloom during the recent years, paving way for projects such as Killa-Kult Mekanikus."

The Assembly Line, Sir Back Up
Wargaming since: 2007
Trademark army: Saim-Hann Eldar
Current projects: Horus Heresy Blood Angels
"Ville has to be one of the most energetic miniature painters in Finland, completing a detachment after another on an almost weekly basis. Some of his mini-projects are for gaming and some just inhabit cabinet shelves, but the hobbyist's drive to get stuff done is unrivaled."

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