Black Templars

Work in progress

Sword Brethren Veterans
Land Speeder Squadron

Protecting the Imperium

The Emperor's Champion
Terminator Marshal
Power armor Castellan
Terminator Chaplain
Chaplain Grimaldus & henchmen

Tactical Terminator squad
Assault Terminator squad

10 Black Templar Crusader Initiates, Melee weapons
5 Black Templar Crusader Initiates, Fire support armament
5 Black Templar Crusader Initiates, Fire support armament

Dreadnought & Drop Pod

Land Raider

Accept any challenge, no matter the odds! Black Templar strike force patrolling a sacred chapel sector.

Each model in the army has been converted using Fantasy battle Warriors of Chaos legs. This works well with the crusader theme and gives the whole army a distinctive look with their boots and chainmail armor. Chain is also a classic Black Templar element and some model chain has been added to several models in addition to the bits from the Black Templar upgrade kit. Figs also contain loads of small freehand details and green stuff sculpting, for example the stylish hairdo of the brother in the left.
The Templars have been painted with Non metallic metal style without using any metallic paints and instead trying to achieve the metallic feeling using only different tones of grey. I personally love all the small scratches and dents on the armour as well as the subtle dusting and weathering on the lower parts of the models.
Each of the three Crusader squads in Ollies army contain heavy weapons, special weapons, leaders, corporals and standard bearers. Two of the smaller squads are armed extensively to fire support role while the third, bigger one are a close combat spearhead. Usually this mob is joined by the Emperor's Champion. The models' bases have been made to resemble city road pavement. The simple bases don't steal any attention from the minis themselves but add just the right amount of contrast and a warm tone to the models.
Terminator Sergeant Godfrey chanting a prayer to the Emperor. The whole squad had their helmets converted into the unique look by filing and green stuffing the usual Terminator snout-helmet.
Assault Cannon and an auspex-operator.

The Crux Terminatus insignia have been painted with NMM-gold. The limited colour palette on the models works wonders and the different details picked out with colors don't affect the charasteristic black&white look.

Sword Brethren Terminator squad Adhemar. These melee specialists have had some more robes and tabards sculpted onto them. Ollie is a big Lightning claw fan and only one traditional Storm shield + Thunder hammer-combination was included in the first patch.
Marshal Morachias is one of the legendary heroes in our battles. Ollie really starts the army list writing by paying the points for the two trademark-hammers of the general!
Some more headquarters, a Chaplain and a Castellan.

Chaplain Grimaldus with his crew.

The latest addition to the army was Forge World's Dreadnought to which Ollie made a magnetized, interchangeable armament. The Dread travels into combat with a Drop pod, but his trial by fire is yet to come...

My extra limited edition Emperor's Champion joined forces with the great Black Templars. The model was missing a sword, but before painting it Ollie crafted a substitute from green stuff and a piece of plasticard. The white armor was a nice idea of distinguishing the iconic leader from his black brethren and the golden elements work great as details.
Champion and Marshal executing a training exercise.

Black Templar army so far, just the Land Raider missing from the pic.


  1. Nice to see you have this kind of army too. Very nice use of NMM!

  2. Normaalit terminaattorit ja dreadnought ovat erityisen upeita. Kyllä muukin armeija on upea, mutta terminaattorien kypärät tekevät niistä paljon hienomman näköisiä ja dreadnoughtin dynaaminen asento hakkaa mennen tullen suoraan laatikosta kasatun. Normaalien mariini jalkojen korvaaminen noilla antaa armeijalle todella hyvän ilmeen ja maalaus jälki on käsittämättömän hienoa. Ainut mistä keksin moitetta on Emperor´s Championin hölmöltä näyttävä miekka. Se on ainut mikä ei näytä hyvältä.

  3. Aivan tajuttomaan makeita. Alkaa, ei niin vähääkään mieli alottaa templar armeija. Noi vaaleat kaavut näyttää erittäin hyviltä, oisko niistä saada ohjeita/värejä?
    Ja missä lantikka on?

    1. Kiitokset, kaavut on maalattu tosi simppelillä reseptillä.
      Pohjat khemri brownilla, seuraavaksi korostukset ohuella dheneb stone kerroksella ja viimeinen silaus skull whitellä.


  4. Loving these Templars and the blog in general!
    Some very inspiring stuff here :)

    I was wondering if you perhaps could tell me how you painted the black armour and also the white converted helmets on the shooty Terminators?
    It's a very nice creamy white, sort of ivory looking.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers - Andreas

    1. HI.
      The black armour was primed with black, and then drybrushed withd adeptus battle grey. After that I gave badab black wash to the armour. When the wash was dried, I highlighted armour with adeprus battle grey and after thet codex grey. The final highlights was done with astronomican grey.

      The white helmets was first painted with astronomican grey and after that couple of thinned down skull white layers. For some reasons in these pictures it seems like I've used some bone colour, like dheneb stone, for the helmets.

      The paints I used for these are the citadels old series, but you can find helpful converter at the internet.