December 3, 2023

Christmas Consolidation

To finish the great hobby year of 2023 we've put our heads down and charged through a spree of commission painting - several previously completed detachments have now received freshly-painted reinforcements in the form of elite infantry and monstrous war machines! We've got a lot to document from our personal schemes as well and hope to update some of the workshop results here before the Christmas vacations. It's been a great year!

Before the season draws to a close, we'll be having one more event in a Horus Heresy Xmas Bash between a few valiant participants. The "Friendly Fire" type event includes a couple of relaxed games with full-size army lists as well as a technique demo for using oil colours as a part of army painting process. Stay tuned to the coverage late next week!

These Chaos Knight War Dogs and Death Korps of Krieg are some of the recently finished reinforcements. Always nice to expand on a previous commission, meaning the client has been happy with the earlier projects!

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