July 14, 2021

War Head Feudal World: Thracia Rex

Thracia Rex, Imperial Feudal World, Ultima Segmentum, Rebelling, 005.M31.

With our first campaign games played in June our gaming table project of 15 months has finally reached a stage that we can call it finished! This doesn't mean we don't have additions in the works, but these are smaller projects of their own that can be used to modify the existing scenery or to provide narrative details, such as pieces of scatter terrain. I look forward to these more "relaxing" mini projects now that the pressure to finish the terrain for summer gaming has been lifted off our shoulders!

Although I and Ollie have done the heavy lifting, we've had a lot of help and support from our hobby pals crafting and painting details, participating in planning, gifting us parts or just encouraging us to keep ploughing through the tasks. Now we get to enjoy a (hopefully long-lived) narrative gaming spree together!

We've been sharing detail pictures in War Head Instagram and in the Facebook Album, and will continue to do so as we get more gaming footage during our Horus Heresy: Thracian Insurgency campaign. 

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