October 30, 2017

2017 Fight Club Player Spotlight: Noa Kaistinen

Some of you might have noticed some new, cool forces gracing our store section's cabinets this summer. These are hand-picked highlights from our dear player community and from Fight Club combatants that have been kind enough to have us display their armies! This exhibition will now be accompanied by mini interviews to shed light on the artists behind these brilliant collections. These interviews are conducted in English because of our community's international flavour. Today we get to know Praetor Noa Kaistinen!

Who are you and what do you do besides play wargames?

Noa Kaistinen here, I'm a metal artisan and a chef in a restaurant, I go to gym time to time and spend my evenings listening to music and audio books, playing PC games and watching some movies and TV series.

How did you first begin the hobby? 

I started my hobby over ten years ago. I went to local store that sold some PC and PSP games but stumbled upon some Warhammer stuff. It was love at first sight. I ended up buying old school Terminators as my first minis along with some paints and hobby supplies.

What armies do you play? What's your favourite kind of roster?

At the moment I play Ork-themed Adeptus Mechanicus in 40K, but there's some new projects on their way!

Horus Heresy is my go-to game and the Iron Warriors my jam. My favourite roster is capable of blowing everything up with heavy support and it feels like I'm always a few FOC slots short while planning army lists. I like to support my infantry with big guns and especially blast weapons.

What is your fondest gaming memory?

Hmm, there's a couple that instantly come to mind. A few editions back I was playing War Head's Ollie at our local gaming club, the matchup was my Orks against his Black Templars. At some point he charged his Sword Brethren Terminators into my Burna Boyz. Back then you could use their flamethrowers as power weapons, so my boyz just welded those Terminators into scrap. That was awesome. I also remember my old pal, who's not into the hobby anymore, but we used to play almost every week back in the day. The playing surface was usually a carpet on the floor with some poorly prepared foam terrain pieces and forest bases carved out of cardboard. Those early hobby memories are very fun.

What is your best tournament / campaign achievement?

My best achievement was in this years Model Expo and War Head's Horus Heresy tournament, where I ranked first with my Iron Warriors. I also cherish the best Army Award I received with my Ork Mechanicus in a Fight Club 40K event.

What was your inspiration for creating a Mechanicus-themed Ork army?

The planning of the army came down to a few factors; 1) what was a good competitive army at the time 2) what's relatively cheap to make 3) what's fun to paint and convert. Actually the army was originally a part of a War Head's Survivor Series Hobby Challenge and got expanded later.

The colour scheme was totally new to me with its bright orange, as I normally paint very grim and dark minis, but I wanted to do something new and challenging. One of my references was Maxime Pastourel's orange Rebel Gretchin army. Warhammer Store's Armies on Parade competition also served as a great motivation booster while I was finishing the force.

Why do you think people should participate in tournaments? What do you get out of them?

Well, you get more games under your belt, so you will become a better player. You also meet lots of new people and gaming pals, that you will see regularly in other tournaments later on. Gaming events also boost motivation to paint new miniatures and you get to see cool and different armies to give you ideas and inspiration.

If you had to spend a day as a legionnary in Horus Heresy, which Legion would you choose and why? 

Even though 4th Legion aka the Iron Warriors is closest to me, I would probably spend my time in the Ultramarines or Sons of Horus, as they seem to be pretty OK fellows and their spaceships and fortifications are not as dull as the Iron Warriors'. Both of them seem to have a nice daily campaign routine and nice combat doctrines, so they'd feel comfortable to fight alongside with!

Thanks Noa, don't let the big guns tire!

Antti Rautsi ja Noa Horus Heresy -turnauksen ja kaupunkitaistelun tuoksinnassa.

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