July 26, 2022


War Head is ready for Ropecon! We'll be around in Messukeskus as usual, enjoying the unique Con atmosphere again after couple of off-years. It wouldn't be a Ropecon without War Head's colourful Warhammer Classics Bazaar, but we've also got a treat for you -  we'll be having an open presentation for our feudal world terrain project. Come check out what went into the build and how Thracia Rex has been developed since for our Horus Heresy campaign!

"What does a medieval town look like in a science fiction setting? Dark fantasy merges into forgotten technology and ancient superstition in Thracia Rex, a feudal world terrain board created for Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy games. War Head's project took 15 months to be finished and the terrain was put into gaming use right away - the entire town and thoughts behind the project are now presented in Ropecon for the first time."

Our event preparations are in full swing and we're soon getting some of our store's product selection transported to the Ropecon venue. Especially the hobby accessories and certain miniature ranges in our assortment will for the most part be available from our booth in Messukeskus. This means that even if our webstore stock indicates a product is available from the store, it might be with us in Ropecon, and could temporarily not be available from the store in Hakaniemi. If you want to make sure something is in stock before your visit, please call us or send us an email, and we'll be happy to help out.

Thanks and see you in Ropecon!

Ropecon is usually a deadline for many painters looking to finish their armies in time for the tournaments.

This was the case for us as well, as we completed these two commission armies in time for the occasion!

July 1, 2022

Back in the game

Getting there! Our new store with Poromagia is now open for public in Hämeentie 1 - we're still moving stuff around and everything might not be up to speed, but you can now visit us (Mon-Fri 12-19, Sat 10-17) to satisfy your hobby needs! Lots of restocks will be coming in during the next couple of weeks as the address change is finalized and we start settling in.

There has been a lot of questions about the tournaments returning and this is firmly in our crosshairs! We're building a completely new, modern terrain reserve for the re-ignition of the War Head events and while this might ask for some patience, our aim is to return with a quality setup we can be proud of. Stay tuned!

May 12, 2022

Initiate Friendly Fire

It's been a while, but we're finally getting the tournament groove ignited. It will take some time for us to refurbish our terrain supply and get the hang of the current event climate, but rest assured that plans are in motion for more thrilling War Head wargaming tournaments! 

We're kicking things off in small scale with a Horus Heresy gaming day on 14th of May, catered for four two-player teams in an ultra-casual environment. It's the perfect occasion to say goodbye to the current rules edition and do battle in an inspiring setting and in good company. We're very excited about the events returning and have assembled the first completely new terrain set for the day! Stay tuned for traditional Combat Camera picture coverage.

+++ 30K Friendly Fire: Army List Compilation +++

+++ 30K Friendly Fire: Facebook Picture Gallery +++

April 19, 2022

Unearth the Betrayal

It was once again our collective hobby inspiration that sparked the idea for our latest gaming day - Ollie had created the insane Night Lords Apothecary some time ago and we knew the model deserved a proper story arch. Unfortunately the Chief Medicae Consul is quite a rare unit choice and Ollie's scratchbuild is a bit too epic to be run as a regular Apothecary - sadly he hadn't seen any gameplay. Therefore we wrote him a secret narrative of his own, incorporating the villain into Thracian Insurgency as a non-player character.

Since the early days of our gaming table build we'd been toying with the idea of creating some underground features for the terrain. These ambitions were boosted as the final construction took shape and we decided to use Ikea Kallax grid shelves as the legs for the table. These have been holding some of our studio armies and literature, but the shelves would also be perfect for some terrain integration - this way the underground terrain pieces would actually be stored underneath the streets and could be used in gameplay as a separate, modular scenery setup.

Our idea was to write a classic "mad scientist" story for the Night Lords Chief Medicae (now called Dr. Norman Bramm) and have this renegade character lead a clandestine operation from his makeshift underground laboratory. His hideous creations (inspired by both Horus Heresy Raven Guard tragedies as well as Fabius Bile's Enhanced Warriors project) would be too imposing for the Loyalist alliance to ignore and this would result in a subterranean manhunt. At first we discussed with Scott that it would be cool to build a simple dungeon corridor to surprise the other players with, but as per usual, we couldn't stop there...

Check out the entire subterranean terrain build and story arch via War Head Instagram or Facebook Gallery below!