War Head Show of Force

Show of Force - what, where and when?

The Show of Force army gallery and miniature painting competition is an open event for wargaming hobbyists to showcase their painted armies on scenic display boards. The event is 
arranged in Ropecon 2023 in Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre on Saturday 29th of July. The exact timetable and specific spot on the event floor are still in the works but will be updated here closer to the occasion.

The displays can be submitted to Show of Force on Saturday between 11-14:00. The armies will be displayed for the public and judge panel to see on a separate gallery area. The public voting will be open on Saturday between 14-20:00 and the results will be published on the gallery area on 20:30. The venue will be monitored and confined with ropes, but participation is at own risk and the organizer takes no responsibility for the displays and models submitted for the gallery and competition.

Show of Force Rules

- Preregistration is not necessary, you can just show up with your display and models.
- All displayed miniatures must be completely assembled, painted and based.
- The display board may not be more than 24x24" (61x61cm) in size, height is not limited. This is also the preferred size that we encourage participants to use.
- The displayed army should consist of several units, but it doesn't have to be a "legal" army in gameplay terms.
- The scale of the models is not limited, but all miniatures will be judged in the same thematic category.
- The official Show of Force picture gallery will be published at the latest during the week after Ropecon in Figuprojektien vertaisryhmä (Facebook group), in War Head social media channels as well as in Sotavasara.net.

Categories and prices

War Head's judge panel will reward Show of Force highlights in the following catergories:

- The Fortunates (accessory prizes raffled between all participants and public voters!)
- The Best Scifi Display (WH40K, Adeptus Titanicus...)
- The Best Fantasy Display (Age of Sigmar, LoTR...)
- The Best Historical Display ( Bolt Action, Hail Caesar...)
- The Public's Favourite (most public votes received)

The judging takes into account the technical execution of the painting, but especially the theme and atmosphere of the entire display - which kind of narrative the presentation contains and how the scenery or setting enhances the story of the army.


Figuprojektien vertaisryhmä is a Facebook-based, open group of more than 1500 hobbyists. In the group you're free to post pictures of your uncompleted and finished projects for feedback or just exchange tips and tricks with the other members. The discussion is mostly about constructing and painting miniature models and terrain pieces as well as related topics regardless of game systems (or lack of them).

War Head is a finnish miniature wargaming collective that has lived the hobby life passionately as a solid group for over a decade. Our team has arranged or helped organize over hundred wargaming tournaments, painting competitions and introductory events. Our inspiration and merits both on gaming and painting have also been gathered from several international stages.

It's time to get the preparations underway! See you in Ropecon!

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