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 War Head will run a three-round Warhammer 40,000 "Rookies" tournament on 22nd of May!

Tournament profile

The Rookies tournament is first and foremost aimed towards players, who have not previously attended a tournament event or have had a long break between the game editions. The event is beginner-friendly and suits hobbyists of every age, as long as they have some kind of understanding of the basic rules and the contents of their armies Codex. In the event the players will be introduced into the common principles of a basic tournament event, how the points are calculated, how multi-layered scenarios work and so on. Players will receive guidance with rules issues and the Rookies tournament is a great “trial by fire” and a first step into Finnish wargaming tournament scene.

The event aims for entertaining games with an emphasis for 40K's background story and thematic armies. We advise players to bring their neatest models and their best gentleman's attitude; this is not a competitive gaming event but a “fluffy” occasion. We hope to see the theme of the event in the players' casual army lists and unit choices; for example Warp Spiders and several Psykers should be saved for more competitive natured events.

Overall info

- There are slots for 22 generals.
- Tournament fee of 15€ will be collected on site.
- All of the models have to be painted, based and wysiwyg in their special options. This means that all pistols and grenades don't have to be visibile on the models, but any spesifically bought wargear such as meltaguns and banners should be modelled. Proxies and clearly unfinished models are not allowed. If you're uncertain about your models, contact us and we'll work it out together!

Sign-up and roster delivery
Players can sign themselves up by mail to Players must also deliver their army lists in advance by 20th of May to the same mail address. Include your list in the message, do not add any attatchments. We will check the lists and print a personal copy for each player.

Army building

- Armies are 1200 points or less.
- Tournament is played with Battle-Forged armies.
- Allowed detachments are Combined Arms Detachment and Allied Detachment. Formations and formation compilations such as Gladius Strike Force are not allowed. Exception is made with Harlequins, Inquisition and Skitarii who may use their Detachments and Formations.
- All GW Codex, Codex Supplement and White Dwarf publications are allowed.
- Forge World units are not allowed.
- Allowed Fortifications are Imperial Bastion, Aegis Defense Line and Skyshield Landing Pad, which can take Icarus Lascannon, Quad-Gun and Comms Relay as upgrades.
- Character Dataslates such as Cypher are allowed.
- Super Heavy Vehicles and Gargantuan Creatures are not allowed.
- Warlord Traits are used, Mysterious Objectives and -Terrain are not.

Painting score

Players will receive painting score in addition to their battle points. The judging will be arranged during the tournament's lunchbreak by the organizers. Armies are deployed in a voluntary parade formation on the tables after the first game for the organizers to inspect. The judging is affected by the painting level, basing and other hobby efforts, such as conversions and possible display solutions. The judging also gives credit to army's theme and its connection with the 40K background story. Players are given painting points as follows:

1: Good effort! The models count as painted and their bases have been finished.
3: Worth a handshake! The army is a nice, uniform entirety! There's a lot of effort and the troops look finished.
5: Commendation! The army turns heads and is exceptionally cool and noteworthy.

Sunday's timetable

08:00 Sign-up and briefing
09:00-12:00 Round 1
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-16:00 Round 2
16:00-19:30 Round 3 and awards ceremony

Bring along

Painted 40K army with its accessories such as wound markers
Tactical Objectives deck and six numbered Objective Markers
Dice, Templates, Rulebook, Codex, any other rules publications
A tray that you can use to move your models between tables
Lunch or cash
15€ to cover the tournament fee


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