Necrons Avenger Host

The dreaded Avenger Host of Hive Cyberdyne is led by Necron Overlord Scavenger, also known as the Yellow King, Scrap Baron or Scarab lord. Some archivists believe he's one of the remaining Technomandrites, long ago exiled from the Necron empire. His sinister troops scatter the Cyberdyne sector like a stubborn rust infestation, a strategy that eventually guaranteed him the power over the ruined cityscape. Scavenger has since controlled the canal passages and great bridges of the city, laying ambushes and protecting his wretched realm from the outsiders with twisted skill.

While fighting the Planetary Defence Forces for the dominance of Hive Cyberdyne Scavenger learnt many things about human race and their warrior culture. Their nature was such that each soldier wanted to trust his comrades, seeking to form alliance and cooperation with their fellow men. Their surprise was great as the machine army adapted, concealing themselves to ripped human clothing or whatever remained of those who fought at the vanguard against the Necrons. Scavenger's advanced guerilla tactics led to outflanking the PDF formations and capturing several human vehicles by the means of careful infiltration or technical possession of their machine spirits. The final blow against the defenders was the bombardment of their command posts by their own artillery, enhanced and controlled by the Scavenger's Crypteks.

Ever since the fall of Cyberdyne's Planetary Defence Force and the Imperial Creed the city has been under Scavenger's iron grasp. His ramshackle legions think of the city as their glorious realm, even though it's nowadays only a shantytown and a shadow of it's former might of a Hive. Blending themselves with the cityscape elements and sometimes even disguising their metal hides as concrete or vehicle wrecks, the Necron legion scouts and patrols the streets, waiting for hostile movement or new challengers to appear. Hunter-Killer Arks patrol the skies, launching clouds of Scarab swarms to consume any precious material to be produced as a part of Scavenger's arsenal. And below the streets tireless Tomb Spyder engineers and Cryptek artificiers work with The Machine, a device so powerful that even the Stormlord of Mandragora would consider his dynasty threatened in the case of rivalry. If he knew of the Scavenger's scheme, that is.

The Avenger host is waiting and the time is running out for their enemies...

Scavenger, The Yellow King, Scrap Baron and the Scarab lord.

The Tyrant of Hive Cyberdyne.

The ripped, yellow cloaks are the trademark of Scavenger's legion.

Scavenger's closest bodyguard, the "Brotherhood of Rust" Immortals

The Visage of the Grim Reaper

Avenger Host's elite assembled

Destroyer Lord Galvatron is Scavenger's right hand

Galvatron is the leader of spearhead offensives, often joining an unit of merciless Wraiths or vile Scarabs as they go hunting.

Scavenger has gifted his lieutenant with many arcane artifacts of ancient warfare.

Hunter Killer Arks are an exotic innovation of Scavenger's Cryptek engineers.

The skimmer vehicles are controlled by an enhanced Scarab Artificial Intelligence.

The Gauss Javelin was a potent anti-tank weapon during the war against Cyberdyne PDF.

Scavenger's army prepares for battle.

Wraiths are used as forward scouts and specialists of psychological warfare.

Heavy Destroyers provide long range fire support as their rusty brethren implacably advance.

Lesser Necron lords of Scavenger's Royal Court.

Robust Tomb Spyders are the backbone of the legion.

Even the nameless warriors carry the colours of their king.

The chitter of Scarabs is usually the last sound the survivor groups of Hive Cyberdyne hear.

The Avenger host assembled, Canoptek Scarabs, Monolith and a few Tomb spyders missing from the picture.

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  1. How did you do the cloaks on these? I've never liked necrons but you've single handedly converted me.

    1. Thanks for your comment and kind words Nate. Necrons are way cool and one of my favorite armies nowadays!

      The cloaks are simple green stuff additions over finished models. When I updated the army when the new codex came out, I acquired some new units and added yellow "raincloaks" for everyone to create some new look and distinctive detail to the force.

      The cloaks were done by rolling green stuff into a thin sheet and then pressing it into a model from two points (usually shoulders). Green stuff can then be carefully stretched with your fingertips into appropriate direction. If it shreds a bit, no worries as it looks weathered and cool! Cloak needs to be left to dry for a while so that the sculpt retains the flowing look and doesn't get flattened by gravity. I used a hairdryer to fasten the drying process a bit.

      Cloaks are simply painted with GW Foundation Tausept Ochre and highlighted with Iyanden Darksun. In the end I decided to touch it with some Vallejo rust-coloured weathering powder. Hope this helps!

  2. Many thanks for the information, I'm going to have to give it a try. Seriously inspiring army.


    1. Happy to hear it. Let me know how it works out!

  3. Hi there! I was wondering how you did the Hunter Killer Arks? They look to me like they heavily modified Valkyries. Am I correct?

    1. Hey Izzy! Thanks for your message.

      The base model is not a GW product at all, instead a model toy of the actual Terminator: Salvation merchandise. Few of these still float around in Ebay. I just added the bases and more detail in form of wires and battle damage and also some Necron parts to tie it in with the rest of the army.

  4. No, thank you for the awesome conversions and replying!

    Now I want to pick a few of those up and use them for a Tyranid... something!

  5. there was ton of necrons!