Liberators Space Marines

"This is Interceptor II reporting on hostile activity, how copy?"
"Vader I Actual here, go ahead."
"All Victors and Footmobiles be advised, we have multiple greenskin insurgents sighted on sector Delta-two-two-niner-Tango, break. Confirm fire mission, over."
"Confirm enemy contact on D229T, Interceptor II you're free to engage."
"Roger that Vader I, let's free the shit out of them."

Liberators are a proud renegade legion of remnant Space Marines. Exiled from their chapters and separated from their brethren, these warriors with a range of backgrounds have once more united to wage war for a greater purpose. This military organisation of the 41st Millenium is unusual, consisting of both those who have once sworn to protect the Imperium and others, who have later abandoned the Emperor and left their legion and heritage behind.

The origins of the legion are in the Eye of Terror, the nest of Chaos which is currently one of the most furiously fought fronts in the Imperial defence. Eternal chaos within its sectors often cripples armies to splinters, leaving single warriors or small groups of survivors wandering in the wild, unable to contact the Headquarters. After months or years of exile, some of these individuals may confront others sharing the same fate. Although it is more likely that the situation ends in bloodshed, this is not always the case. Weaker ones might seek security of those stronger than them or independent warriors might consider cooperation a good idea for a short while. This is what happened to Liberators.

Liberator Marines have their roots in several different chapters and legions, loyalists and traitors alike. Struggling alone in the Eye takes it's toll, insecurity, pressure and confusion of the situation can overwhelm even a Space Marine.  At some point ignorance takes over and it's all about survival without morale or faith. Forming small groups at confrontations, these wanderers fought the circumstances together, not actually having any bonds or deals of any kind, but slowly learning to trust each other nevertheless. On an unknown date of the forty-first millenium group of these bitter and lost warriors eventually came together, and it was former Captain of the Iron Hands who finally united the warband under one flag.

The Captain did not ask for the leadership. The Marines did not seek for a leader. It was some kind of strange military natural selection which led to the loose organisation in the Liberators force. In the end all warriors had once been a link in the chain of command, being either leaders or those obeying the orders of their superiors. In the lethal conditions of the galaxy in war, even the rebels acknowledge the need for a commander. For a long time it was all about journeys from sector to the following, holding against threats and menace of both Traitorous and Imperial. Being renegades and having let down both the Emperor and Dark gods there was no safe haven for the Liberators.

The details of the unification incident go mostly unrecorded, but it is known The Captain had a confrontation. Some think it was a vision, others whisper about a physical meeting. What is certain, is that one night The Captain arrived to the Liberators camp, with his iron gauntlets shaking of shock. The Captain had never been a loud commander, usually directing the battle with silent orders to his Sergeants but this night he spoke. With stern voice he began talking of a quest and freedom and how he had learnt there was a promise of better. He was convinced that the Imperium along with ancient alien threats was rotten by corruption and this insanity would finally vanquish all life. This could be stopped by destroying all of the corrupted authority, liberating the oppressed and to give voice and power to those thriving to do good in unity.

The Captain was determined. Bearing a Master-crafted Firearm-relic to be seen he stated their bitterness and skills had to been brought into service once more. If the galaxy had one hope of peace and freedom, it was on their shoulders. It was a crusade against authorities and for sectorwide democracy, quest to bring down those who without right held the power to the fate of many. Crude and lost warriors had to push their disappointment and ignorance aside for the galaxy. The Captain was the first one to vow his oath for the Liberation. The rest recognized the honour in the cause and joined in. The legion of Liberators had born.

"I wont waste my passion and capability to defend the views of some self-proclaimed leadership. Some of us have greater destiny than dedicating our lives for something that doesn't exist."
- The Captain, Liberators Renegade legion commander

It all started as small raids to gain armour and armament reserve for a larger campaign. Infiltrating civilian society the Liberators executed dictating High officials, merciless Imperial Governors and feared Planetary Lords drunk on their power. Sometimes examples were made so none would dare to continue their ruthless work. By spreading propaganda and assisting sub-organisations within the citizens, Liberators didn't necessarily have to take the fight to the corrupted themselves. Small minds were easily filled with faith of freedom and democracy. Many systems were indeed liberated by the power of their people. Each accomplishment added to the spirit and strife in search of galactic liberty.
In the following years Liberators fought on many fronts, avoiding to engage in a certain battle for too long. Their strikes were sudden and coordinated, each aiming to the head of the beast. Governments fell and military commanders met their end as a result of the Liberators' actions. The Captain decorated brother Recos, formerly of Salamanders chapter, with a Medal of Honor for sniper assassination of Chaos Sorcerer Lord Aosghar. The kill brought an entire city of ensorcelled people to their senses and ended the planet's cultist activity for good as the inhabitants turned against the heretics. Success was to continue as a carefully set trap of two Liberator Assault squads brought down Ork Warboss Krom Gitslayer and led his Waaagh into a total disarray. A Space Marine commander of the Relictors Chapter met his end as his command Rhino was annihilated by melta-explosives, the detonation controlled by the Liberators Recon team. And after hearing of the status of Tau Ethereals, Ivory towers of the nearby xeno colony were taken down in the name of Liberators' Greater good. 

"We've ran out of justice, but here's some MK4 Hellfire rounds for you instead!"
Sergeant Ixion, Task Force Lionheart

It seemed that the Captain kept on having visions, perhaps in his dreams on short periods the legionnaires spent resting. The tasks and orders, given by the character The Captain nowadays refers to as the Overlord in radio discussion, led Liberators through systems with zeal.

The actions of the Liberators could be described heroic, even epic. However there are some factors that arise suspicion within the ranks of the Legion and those who witness their deeds. The Captain has recently kept his thoughts and plans to himself in an increasing amount, informing of the mission details just on a 'need to know basis'. When joining combat he never leaves his huge, runic gun-relic behind. Roaring with pure power it's core shines in blue by raw energy and a fierce dance of lightning. When fired its obliterating blow is unforgiving, sending Captain's target into it's doom, enemies practically vanishing from sight leaving only their screams echoing in the surrounding terrain. Leaving only havoc behind in his violent acts for freedom, the eyes of the Liberators' Commander burn with the same flame as the muzzle of his precious weapon.

What drives the Captain is unknown for everyone but himself, but whatever is behind his determination has secrets untold and much to offer.

The Captain is the highest-ranking commander of the Liberators organisation. He is a strategic genious and answers of the grand plans in the Liberator campaigns for galactic freedom. Liberator Headquarters Company Eagle Wing often operates behind the main lines, maintaining communications and briefing mission and task instructions through the wide radio network. The force is constantly moving, utilizing heavy transport capability that is able to push through enemy lines or hold it's ground if the situation requires. The Captain is known to crew the vehicles himself, rolling at the spearhead of the tank column and giving precise orders to the gunners at the fire support department. The Captain likes to have a handful of Recon Marines at his disposal, veterans who are often dispatched to special or even undercover tasks. The Eagle Wing is known to support Liberator battle lines and operations wherever superior tactical insight or leadership is needed.

Liberator Razorback APC's with customized gun turrets which the Marine engineers have constructed out of scavenged parts. Also the vehicles themselves have a long history behind them, having served in loyalist and traitor chapters before falling into Liberators' possession. These tanks are formerly of Iron Warriors, Relictors and Imperial Fists chapters.

Battle-worn hull and the customized special weapon.

The detachment 88, also known as the Army of Two is the most brutal asset at the Captain's disposal. Their latest accomplishment was achieved along Task Force Cobra that was deployed to locate and hunt down the Eldar Seer Jenora the Sinister. According to the Overlord Intelligence Jenora was certain to control a soul-bound slave population on Corellian sub-sector Karanos III. The Captain was also determined in his suspicion that Jenora could also be the key of solving the case of the toxic genocide on planet Sheer Clarity.

After two weeks of the 4th Ranger Platoon's careful reconnaissance and gathering of intelligence the Task Force tracked down the Pirate Eldar Raiding party. Just before initiating their assault, Liberator Marines witnessed the Eldar suddenly retaliate, using quick redeployment and better knowledge of the terrain to change the course of the battle. Marine forces were overwhelmed by speeder hit-and-run strikes, utilizing night-shielded jetbikes to tear apart Liberator armour with their vile Xeno technology. Only the interference of the Liberators Special Forces accompanied by the "Detachment 88" saved the day and ensured victory, as Jenora's personal transport was brought down by the massed Autocannon fire. From the wrenched wreck of the alien vehicle Marine division gathered genetic material and ID to prove the fall of the Tyran of Corellian.

Dreadnought Silas is a Fire support specialist, and carries a custom Twin Heavy bolter modified to fire standard Autocannon rounds.

Raiden is a valued assault support unit, usually fighting in the front line and protecting the Liberator infantry with his enormous assault shield and gatling firepower.

In the Liberators organisation there are few who fight without an unit, rank or even a name. Called Black OPS they're considered special forces, only deployed in the direst of circumstances. Indeed when Black OPS operative is present, bloodshed will follow. They operate alone and are commonly avoided both in company and support. Their presence in the field is seldom welcomed by the Liberator grunts, many of which find Black OPS unreliable and twisted of soul. Although The Captain keeps these warriors tight under his wing, this suspicion doesn't go too wrong...

3981's origins lie in the distant moon of planet Agripinaa located near the fringe of the Eye of Terror. Liberator's assault force of the Insane Aces squad executed a precision strike on a sinister research facility of the slaaneshi Emperor's Children. During the former reconnaissance it came clear that the mad experiments ran on the location were controlled by dreaded Fabius Bile. No sign of him could be found on scene after the raid, but later research presented that he had escaped just prior the assault. The laboratory was destroyed, every cruel experiment and twisted creature vanquished. All but one.

From the gloomy shadows of the ruined research bunker the Aces discovered one survivor, hanging against the wall by chains and shock wire, plugged into tubes pouring foul liquid into the scarred individual. Liberator patrol brought the survivor down and took him to questioning. Commander Prowl overwatched the custody, hoping to gain intelligence or information about Bile, who had just escaped his grasp. Insane Aces and Prowl interrogated the survivor for a night and day, exceeding the treatment into extreme physical and mental measures. The prisoner remained silent, until The Captain himself descended on the operational zone.

In the following research curtains shading Bile's work begun to unfold. Enormous physical capability was detected in the survivor and even though the genetic process the individual had been exposed to couldn't be replicated, it came clear that the former Emperor's Children commander had been in the brink of a great discovery. Prowl would've wanted to take the investigation to the end, placing the very organs of their strange prisoner under the knife. The Captain in the end refused, dismissing the interrogation team and sitting down before the dreadful prisoner. Even after the rough treatment of Prowl and his team The Captain managed to get the stranger to speak. Exchanging silent sentences in the dark basement of the wrecked laboratory the two came into understanding. Without hesitation the Captain ignored Prowl's protest and transported the 'companion' away from the moon.

3981, as written in the tattoo of the Agripinaa's survivors neck, begun to operate in the Liberator campaigns, first in The Headquarters platoon but soon on his own as a Black Operative. Always bearing Captain's mandate there was very little that the formation leaders could've done to stop the newcomer's integration into Liberators organisation. The Dark Soldier went were the Captain wanted and performed brutal actions of violence with pinpoint efficiency.

Later codenamed "Spine Moth" the survivor of Agripinaa has become a powerful asset within the Captain's inner circle. Listening mission briefings and then vanishing to do violence on the Captain's behalf, Spine Moth hasn't been heard speaking since his first discussion with the Liberator's commander. Utilizing powerful combat drugs and performance boosters no ordinary man could handle, the silent warrior suddenly changes into a monster on a battlefield. Lieutenant Prowl still refuses to work with the Black OPS member and he's not to blame - there indeed is something terribly wrong with him.

Linebreacher Terminators are the most robust of all Liberator assault troops. These veterans are tasked with a multitude of combat roles and expected to carry out their missions no matter the odds.

Often dubbed Linebreacher squads in Renegade Marine slang and radio discussion, these warriors are grid to see through any situation. One of their achievements was capturing a legendary Space Wolves War machine, from which they scavenged a Wolf Icon Prowl's command rhino carries on it's hull to this day.

Insane Aces are the Special Forces of the renegade legion. Specialising in airborne operations, these warriors are grid with personally customized weapons and armament and are capable of operating long times behind enemy lines.

Liberator gunship "Scream" is part of the first flight wing. Transporting assault units as well as Dreadnoughts the ship is a common sight as a part of a Liberator attack formation.

Land Speeder Escorts "Raptor" and "Xenobreath", renamed after the wing decoration of "Xeno don't surf". All of the flightwing aircraft carry the squadron symbol of blue flame pattern.

Evac craft "Easy" is used to transport ammunition resupplies and other necessities to the frontlines and to evacuate casualties back to the operation base.

The entire first flightwing airborne.

Liberator Warthogs are the grand elite of all spearhead recon forces in the galaxy. Riding enormous tank-bikes powerful enough to carry their Terminator warsuits they conduct hit and run-missions and gather valuable intelligence for the Eagle Wing to process.

Warthog Staff Sergeant is armed with a powered chainspear.

Warthog operative and a Liberator standard - These colors don't run...

Specialist with a power fist.

Rocket Squad "Gorehammer" is often separated to bring Anti-tank capabilities to other Liberator units. The sergeant's laptop is used to control air assets and to receive orders from the HQ units.

Liberator Marines from squads "Highway", "Cerberus" and "Death street". Note the battle-damaged armor plates still bearing the former chapter colors.

Revered First sergeant Ixion.

Hardened Veterans. For our sins, hooyah.

Recon Marines with silenced and special weapons.

Marine patrol protecting the objective.

Liberator Land Raider battletanks were modified to carry turret armament during the campaign of Ragdad. When storming the narrow streets of the Ork cities the sponson equipment were too clumsy and wide to offer dependable fire support. Therefore the side cannons were removed and attached to the turrets constructed in the Liberator motor pool. Interceptor (left) was originally a Space Wolf vehicle, while Dragonskin (right) is of Crimson fists origin.

Old colors still visible.

Recon units are often supported by Predator tanks "Bushmaster" and "Cottonmouth".

The interchangeable weaponry of the reconnaissance vehicles.

Liberator objectives; dictators, bad guys, weapons of mass destruction and oil fields around the universe...

Liberator lieutenant Rodimus and corpsman Stylus of the Task Force Iron Giant.


  1. This looks awesome! The battle mech look and conversions. Speaking of, I have a question. What kit, or combination of bits, were used to make the double propellers on the Valkyrie?

    1. Sweet man, thanks for the compliments!

      The double propellers use actual Valkyrie wings on a base, but have been carved to fit into to the scratchbuild parts. The round trim pieces are cut out of a Pringles chips tube top (I recall you could also use a Games Workshop's Static grass pot cover) and the rotors are two Ork Deffkopta parts glued together.

      I'm gonna write a more thorough army review about Liberators soon so watch out for additional pics!


  2. Good stuff! Pitäis varmaan itsekin kirjoittaa hieman fluffia Corsaireista. ;)

  3. This is hands down the best painted and modelled army I've seen. Love the reposing of the terminators, customisation on bolters, and the overall worn look. The dreadnoughts take the prize. All models look very individual too. It must have taken you years to get the whole army to this standard. Amazing and the customisation is a real inspiration for the SW force I'm starting.

    1. Thank you for your very nice message. I'm so happy if Liberators serve as an inspiration for other hobbyists' modelling projects! They have been in a retired state since the coming of the 40K sixth edition when I started my Carcharodons army, but I look forward to resurrecting the mechanized army and gaming with the models soon again!

  4. You're welcome. I look forward to seeing any models you post up in the future.

  5. If you don't mind sharing techniques, can you tell me how you achieved the "marbled" effect ie.e the different shades of grey streaks on the armour of the troops and vehicles. Is it airbrushed, or drybrushed? Thanks

    1. Hi and thanks for leaving a message!

      Grey armour is all hand-painted, basically with layering techniques. It's achieved by drawing brushstrokes from the edges of the armour (kinda like painting scratches) with a color that's just a bit lighter than the basecoat. Once these scratch-stripes are done, continue with even lighter color on top of them but leave the darker hues visible. Drybrushing is an useful technique for weathering but for wide surfaces like tank armor it leaves an effect too rough for my taste.

      I hope this helps! It's been a few years since I last worked with this army so some details might have escaped my memory already. :)


  6. Thanks for the instructions, it certainly does help. It's an excellent effect and I'll be applying it to my wolves!

  7. I was wondering -for the terminators holding their rifles 2 handed, did you lengthen the arms as well as re-angling the shoulder joint? The reason I ask is I'm attempting to do something identical to an assault cannon termis, and just considering the best way to go about it. Thanks, and great work as always.

    1. Hi and thanks for your message!

      The arms on the models are a combination of Terminator shoulders and regular Tactical Marine arms. This conversion gives the arms some length as well as the palms for actually holding the bolters, as the basic Terminator hands would be too cumbersome. The shoulders are not glued flat on the torso either, but angled a bit with the help of green stuff to make the pose more natural.

      Hope this helps with your project!


    2. Thanks, that's very helful, I'll try this.

  8. Hey man absolutely love everything. Just curious how you modelled the dreadnaughts and how you played the dreadnaughts too.

    1. Hi! It's a rather old army, but they used to be ran as a Rifleman Dreadnought (2 Twin Autocannons) and a Furioso Dreadnought (shield to represent the better armour value). The conversions are based on the metal Chaos Dreadnought model, with a number of parts (including Defiler face masks) as details. Thanks for taking a look!